Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Friendly

If you have ever gone into a website only for it to freeze, glitch, or outright not work, you know firsthand how much of a hassle it can be. A recent study determined that the average mobile user utilizes their phone roughly five hours a day. With more people opting to search on their phones, it’s becoming increasingly essential for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites.

For example, should someone be searching for an Indianapolis personal injury attorney on their mobile phone, they will likely only continue viewing the law firm’s website if it is mobile friendly. This sentiment applies to many businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

Companies with websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will often lose customers or be at risk of losing user attention towards their brand. In a continuously developing world, it is imperative to have a user-friendly website, and in this article, we will look at why this happens to be the case.

Top Four Reasons Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

When it comes to why your website needs to be mobile-friendly, the statistics speak for themselves. According to studies conducted, roughly 80 percent of mobile users will purchase goods and services from easily navigable websites. Additionally, more than 61 percent of mobile users will not return to a website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. If you’re not yet convinced as to why a mobile-friendly website is of the utmost importance, read on.

A Mobile-Friendly Website Gives Businesses an Advantage

The business world is teeming with competition at every turn, which is especially the case for online companies. To be successful, many companies need to stand out from their competitors, and the primary way they can achieve this is by having a mobile-friendly website.

In most instances, a company with a responsive website design will perform better than a company that isn’t mobile-friendly. This will directly translate into more sales and higher profit margins. It is estimated that by the year 2021, m-commerce sales will make up 53.9 percent of all retail e-commerce.

Improves Visibility and Availability of Businesses

As more people shop online for goods and services, businesses need to have a mobile-friendly website to ensure customers can access the company site quickly and easily. Companies with a mobile-friendly website will immediately be more visible. Many people find it much easier to search for what they need with their phones instead of laptops or computers in our day and age.

When a website isn’t mobile-friendly, customers will leave and turn to a company’s competitors. The more friendly a company website is, the higher the likelihood that customers will continue browsing on the website.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Rank Better on Google

It’s no secret that Google ranks websites according to how mobile-friendly they are. Thus, it makes sense to have a mobile-friendly website if you want to appear in the top searches for your category. The more mobile-friendly your business is, the higher the chances are of customers accessing your website over your competitors. Ultimately a company website that is better designed with an improved user experience will likely rank better. The easier the site is to operate, the higher the business’s chance of gaining and retaining new customers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Likely to Survive the Test of Time

Should you have a business that you want to be successful and keep generating sales in the long term, having a mobile-friendly website will help you achieve this goal. In the world, more than 1.2 billion people access the internet from their phones as the internet becomes more readily available. By switching to a mobile-friendly website, companies will retain their relevance in the future.

Mobile-friendly websites are the undisputed way of the future for retail e-commerce and, as such, are an essential component for companies that want their businesses to flourish and grow. Companies should seriously consider switching to a responsive design to capitalize on the benefits that include, but are not limited to, increased profits and better Google rankings.

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