5 Up-And-Coming VPN Services To Purchase With Bitcoin

VPN, as well as Bitcoin, are two components that appear to be made for each other. Both VPN and Bitcoin value privacy and anonymity while both strive to offer the world the unrestricted use of the internet to anyone. A VPN offers you to surf the internet with complete privacy and without any restrictions in place. In some countries, certain content from other countries is banned, aka censored. For example, this would apply to Netflix since its libraries differ from country to country. Without a VPN overriding the geo-blocks, you can’t access the US library if you’re currently in Iceland. When it comes to payments, using PayPal or a credit card is a rather risky business regarding safety.

Hackers are rather keen on getting their hands on payment details for nefarious purposes. To add a layer of security for online payments, you should consider Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies generally are a lot safer from hackers, if not wholly unhackable. Consequently, it’s only logical to use Bitcoin to pay for a fantastic VPN service. Here are the top 5 VPN Bitcoin services that you can currently purchase.

1# Mysterium VPN

Contrary to most other VPN services, Mysterium VPN runs its VPN service via nodes. Nodes practically are other computers that are present across 49 countries in the case of Mysterium. Once you’re taking advantage of the Mysterium VPN, you connect to the internet via another residential IP address that can sit anywhere in the world. That makes Mysterium a completely decentralized VPN network. Mysterium lets you unlock all streaming content doesn’t keep centralized logs and ensures your connection is always safe via encryption.

The most exciting part for subscriptions is, you pay for Mysterium as you go. You only pay for those Gigabytes you used on the Mysterium network. To make the Mysterium several VPN services completely decentralized, you can pay its service via decentralized cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. It is compatible with Mac Os, Linux, and Windows.

2# Proton VPN

Proton began as a crowdfunded project with email service to better protect journalists and activists. With its headquarters in Switzerland, every user of Proton benefits from the world’s strongest privacy laws. Its VPN service is running via 1246 servers in 55 countries. Using Proton VPN, you can log into the internet of things pretty much from a list of several available countries, such as the US, Brazil, Japan, or even the UAE.

There’s a free version of Proton VPN for you to try, but then you’re missing out on TOR over VPN. Only with a Proton VPN subscription service can you access blocked content, as you’d experience on Netflix. Proton doesn’t store any logs and ensures your complete privacy with an AE-256t encryption plus a kill switch. Its VPN software is available for Mac Os, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, or routers. There are several subscription services available at Proton VPN, also payable via Bitcoin.

3# Express VPN

Express VPN ensures your private internet connection via 3.000 servers in 60 countries. The most significant advantage of Express VPN is its high-speed servers that don’t store any logs. Additionally, they will provide you with a kill switch and custom DNS servers that allow you to stream any content. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac Os, iOs, Android, Linus, routers and offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox. To keep your pay for its exceptional VPN service anonymous, you can use Bitcoin.

4# Nord VPN

The VPN service run out of Panama offers you complete security on the web via 5410 servers in 59 countries. Its structure is a little more robust with two kill switches, while it also provides AE-256 encryption, double encryption, and DDoS protection like most other truly trustworthy VPN bitcoin services. Nord VPN neither stores any of your logs. That means you can log in from any of their servers to go online, and none of the records are kept. It’s compatible with Mac Os, Windows, iOs, Android, and routers to ensure your safety. However, Nord VPN allows payment not only with Bitcoin. They also accept payments via Ripple and Ethereum.

5# Surfshark

With Surfshark being relatively new to the market, it’s a VPN bitcoin service for a budget. It currently only offers 3200 server connections in 60 countries. But the advantage of being a new VPN service, you benefit from faster connections that are not logged by Surfshark either. Its 256-bit solid encryption keeps you safe anywhere in the world. Of particular interest are Surfshark’s features for split tunneling and border obfuscation. If you were using Surfshark, you could stream any content online, not only on Netflix. It’s compatible with pretty much every OS out there and even FireTV. Should you give Surfshark ago, you can buy its VPN via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Which VPN service is the best?

Trying to determine the best VPN bitcoin tool of use is going to be a tough choice. It mostly depends on your personal preferences and, of course, your pocket. Several VPN services are free, and all offer at least a 30-day-money-back guarantee to make sure you’re delighted. Another factor that may play into your choice is also the number of devices you can use a VPN Bitcoin service with. Some may only allow you to use it on three devices, others on five or six, and yet another will enable you to use the VPN on as many devices as you have.

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are not previously considered a universal payment method for all VPN services out there. Most still depend on PayPal or credit cards, and as such, your privacy is already lowered. Only a VPN Bitcoin service ensures that none of your sensitive data make their way into the dark web. Without a doubt, buying a VPN with Bitcoin keeps your payments completely anonymous. That’s the primary goal of purchasing a VPN Bitcoin service, which some providers do not always uphold. Those VPN services mentioned above, however, do go the extra mile.

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