The Best Electronic Signature Software in 2020

Electronic signatures have taken the world by storm. With flexible work timings on the rise, more and more organizations are resorting to online documentation. While the whole world has been confined within the four walls of its homes, E-signatures have become the legit saviors during these dark times.

If you are an individual or an organization that needs to process an array of legal documentation regularly, you have definitely come to the right place. If you are looking to access an electronic signature, then CocoSign is the place to be.


An online platform offering an array of smooth legal documentations, CocoSign is one of the most popular online platforms that are there in 2020. This is an online platform that assures you of a hassle-free experience.

This online platform has also been identified as one of the most trustworthy brands by giants like the New York Times, Forbes, Andriod Authority, CNET, Top Ten Reviews, etc. If you really want to opt for e-signatures on the lookout for one, you can access CocoSign e-signature here!

Why is CocoSign one of the best e-signature platforms in 2020?

There is an array of reasons why CocoSign is one of the best platforms to access legal documentation. When the entire world is heading towards unknown territories, CocoSign has been providing active services to help the world go.

It offers more than a signature that is handwritten

It is duly to be noted that e-signature comprises significance, which is much more than that of a written signature. Many people have this query that e-signatures are more comfortable to duplicate and are in more danger of plagiarizing.

CocoSign uses an electronic identification method that helps the software to recognize your handwriting. Hence, it protects your privacy and offers you personalized access and login codes that help you keep your information safe and secure. These enhanced security features make it challenging to forge CocoSign signatures.

It is used by some of the largest corporations in the world.

CocoSign provides assistance to some of the biggest names in various industries. This makes it all the way more reliable. It is not only reliable, but many organizations depend on this online platform for their legal documentation. This speaks volumes about the brand in general.

Some of the industries that use CocoSign involve Fortune 500 corporations, insurance companies, hospitals, schools, government offices, non-profit organizations, small business units, banks and credit unions, educational institutes, etc.

It promises industry growth.

It has been predicted by the P&S Market Research that electronic signatures are going to contribute to at least thirty-five percent CAGR expansive till the year 2023. This is going to happen as the global adoption rates are going to evolve and keep rising.

E-signature services are so universal in terms of technology that every industry can adapt it for an array of legal documentation and procedures. This means that no matter which industry you are from, you are bound to benefit by adopting CocoSign as your legal documentation method.

It can be used for an array of tasks.

CocoSign can be used for an array of tasks. The limits of using CocoSign are endless. The following examples are some of the purposes for which it can be used –

  • Proposal for sales,
  • Purchasing contracts,
  • NDAs or Non-disclosure agreements,
  • On-boardings and hirings,
  • NCCs or Non-compete agreements,
  • Rental agreements and leases,
  • Timesheets,
  • Bank forms,
  • Tax documentation,
  • Insurance documentations,
  • Product and model releases, and
  • Permission slips, to name a few.

Reduces overhead costs and saves time

Opting for e-signatures means you are opting for a digitalized procedure. By choosing for CocoSign you will end up reducing a lot of your overhead bearings. Think about the paper and prints that you used to spend before e-signatures existed.

With CocoSign, you will now don’t have to worry about wasting time or money on printing papers or the waste paper itself! You will also not have to hire a separate employee to get these tasks done.

It used to be a hassle trying to convince people to be present around you physically to sign legal documents. Documentations used to be a dreadfully long process, especially if it involved a ton of signatures in being done. By opting for CocoSign, you can get these documentations done within a matter of a few minutes only!


There are reasons why CocoSign is one of the best e-signature services that you can opt for on today’s date. It offers one of the safest platforms where your information and signature are kept safe and secure. It also provides a fantastic user interface that is very easy to use and highly adaptable, especially for rookies.

CocoSign also offers 80 templates that are absolutely free of cost. So, even if you are still not convinced, you can go to the official webpage and use a few of these templates before you opt for the real deal. This will help you to understand how CocoSign works and familiarize yourself accordingly.

But, with the points mentioned above, you will not be disappointed at all!

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