The Best Mobile Games You’re Not Playing

Since we are all stuck at home, keeping ourselves entertained is one of the most important parts of self-care. This means several things to different people – some may want to start or revisit a hobby, some may want to finish a book or a novel, and others will resort to finishing a TV series that they have meant to watch.

In this article, though, we are listing down some of the best smartphone games that most of the world isn’t playing yet. These are the games that have a loyal following, but not enough to make it mainstream. But before delving in on the action, if you’re serious about mobile gaming, one of the things that you should invest in are controllers.

Why You Need A Mobile Game Controller

A mobile game controller makes smartphone gaming more immersive. It not only adds to the ease of use and increases the usability of controls, but mobile game controllers also improve gameplay among its users. Mobile game controllers are one of the few mobile accessories that you should invest in, especially if you are fond of smartphone gaming.

If you’re looking to invest in cool game controllers, the Coobile mobile phone gaming controller is the best one to get. It feels solid, grip is consistent, and controls are always on point. Acgeary also makes some of the best smartphone game controllers if you find Coobile too big for you to use comfortably. Now on to the best games that you should play right now:

Monument Valley 2

One of the best games that everybody should be checking out right now is Monument Valley 2. Piggybacking on the success of the first game, this next installation is still the highly-conceptual game that features out of this world architecture. This time around though, you’ll not only be guiding just the silent princess, you are also out to save the world of Monument Valley.

While it is not for everyone, Monument Valley 2 is a shoo-in just for the game’s design alone. It’s a stunning game full of interesting gameplay, beautifully-crafted puzzles, and strategy-based thinking. It’s the perfect game to open when you’re at the doctor waiting for your turn or generally just want to have something to do to kill time.

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess takes the complicated game of chess into a new dimension by randomizing the pieces that each player has per game. The rules are still the same, just that the weapons are not. It’s a great game to play just for the shits and giggles, but it also forces you to think beyond strategies to make up for really bad starting pieces. Free to download on both App and Play Store.


Eternium is not only a stellar role-playing game, but it’s also one of the few in the category that you can play offline. What sets Eternium apart from other RPG games is that it focuses on the gameplay and not the pay-to-win schemes that most in the genre favors today. The game also receives consistent updates from developers so you don’t have to worry about new resources and changes.

The game plays like Diablo in a way, so if you’re a fan of those old school games, you’d fit in with Eternium. Available for both iOS and Android users for free, Eternium has always been in the shadows of Fortnite, PUBG, and Mobile Legends. Give the game a try and you’ll find that it’s one of the best RPGs in smartphone gaming nowadays.


Gardenscapes may have the reputation of being the most advertised game on mobile, but make no mistake. This puzzle-game app is addictive, but it also engages your cognitive functions to be more strategic. With Gardenscapes, you help Austin the Butler restore a mansion’s garden through helping with several tasks like choosing the right equipment to use to trim the overgrown lawn.


The games listed above have millions of downloads, sure, but they’re not as popular as those on the top 10 lists on the respective OS game genres. Download all of these games and see for yourself! After all, there’s no harm in trying out a new game.

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