4 Great Platforms for Gaming Enthusiasts

Gaming exists across a multitude of platforms. If you’re enthusiastic about gaming, then you will likely want to experience gaming in a variety of ways. Here are the best platform groups to enjoy gaming on and why:

Retro Console

Gaming has its roots in the original arcade games and the consoles you might remember from your childhood. Younger gamers might never have experienced these original consoles, so it is recommended that you try them out and learn more about how gaming has progressed and technology has developed. For older gamers, the nostalgia of playing on retro gaming platforms is an experience worth enjoying.

You can find both new and retro games, figures, trading cards and more easily available to order online through sites like Nin-Nin-Game. If you are interested in experiencing retro gaming, you can buy yourself an original Sega Mega Drive, NES, Nintendo 64 or Game Cube.


Some people argue that gaming on PC is the best, especially with the easier availability of mods for games. Some of the most popular PC platforms and clients to play and purchase games through including Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy and Origin. Using all of them will make sure you get the best deals and can make the most of sales to increase your game library.

Whilst PCs can be more expensive than purchasing a console, they have the potential to much better than consoles. The ability to customize your PC and select the best parts to build your own means that PCs can give increased performance and the specs can be significantly better than consoles. Many gamers much prefer to build and customize their PC to provide optimum gaming capabilities.


Consoles are super popular and if you are a gamer, you probably own several. The three big competitors include Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. New consoles are something to look forward to, with the ever-evolving models being updated and improved upon. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 are up against Microsoft’s Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X. Both Xbox and PlayStation have competed with each other and are always critically compared to decide which console is ‘the best’. But let’s not forget Nintendo, which saw the release of the Nintendo Switch as massively successful with its ingenuity and sleek design. The ability to switch into a handheld console has made it incredibly popular across all audiences, making it a great platform for any enthusiastic gamer.


Mobile gaming is also a platform not to be forgotten about. As mobile phones have advanced, these small handheld devices hold so much potential, serving as much more than just a means of communication. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and using them for gaming is much more accessible to most people. There are plenty of mobile games designed for short-bursts of playtime, so you can play on the go and whilst you are waiting, with the ability to put them down as soon as you need to. They also have a better learning curve for new gamers, being relatively easy to pick up and play. Most mobile games are free, so they are readily available to anyone, without the high costs of a console or PC.

For more advanced gamers, there is still a competitive gaming world in mobile gaming, with games such as Clash Royale and MOBA Mobile Legends. Many popular PC and console games have made it onto mobile too, such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Terraria and RuneScape.

These are four of the most popular platform categories for gaming, but there are more to explore too including Arcade gaming, VR and AR gaming, as well as hand-held consoles, such as Nintendo Game Boy and PlayStation Portable. There are so many platforms to play games – the best way to find out your favorite is to try them all!

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