Discover Awesome Mystery Games With Rich Stories & Challenging Puzzles

I am the kind of person who loves to occupy my free time with fun and challenging games. Last week, I was searching online for the best mystery adventure games to play on my phone, and I stumbled upon this incredible site while researching. It displayed a list of all the top mystery games and puzzle games.

Best 10 Mystery Adventure Games

My three favorites so far are…

  1. Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery because I love a challenging puzzle,
  2. Criminal Case because of its entertaining mysteries, and
  3. Adventure Escape: Asylum because it’s just downright creepy and fun!

Learning about these puzzle games can help you choose your favorites, so I’ll give you the rundown on everything you need to know.

History of Mystery Games

Mystery adventure games find their roots in countless stories of history and timeless popularity. People have always been in love with mysteries. The topic became so popular in the 19th century that people actually began hosting events called murder mystery dinners. People would attend these events in character and play out an evening of a mystery plot in which one of the guests would be “murdered”. The rest of the evening would be spent trying to unravel the mystery of who had committed the crime.

Modern technology saw a rise in the popularity of mystery in pop culture through television, movies, novels, and then video games. As graphics became more realistic, mysteries took to new challenges to peak the interest of audiences who were craving more and more intrigued. The feeling of solving a challenging mystery or riddle became so entertaining and fulfilling to people that the topic is simply irresistible to most movie watchers and videogame players.

Variety of Styles

The popularity of the subject led to a rise in the types of media dedicated to mystery games and puzzle games. The classic murder mystery dinner events became animated on game consoles and phones for users to play out the evenings’ mysteries from the comfort of their own home, with the same satisfactory ending of finding out “whodunit”.

Mystery adventure games can also come in a wide array of styles. One of the most popular styles is known as “point and click”, in which the storyline is the main feature and the user simply has to point and click their way through levels, solving riddles and finding clues to help solve the bigger mystery. The simplicity of this gameplay style has led to numerous users and downloads in the modern era. Point and click games that involve thrilling graphics and aspects of horror are also very entertaining to more mature users.

Functions of Mystery Adventure Games

Typically, a mystery adventure game or puzzle game is based around a certain location where the crime, mystery, or event has taken place. If it’s a bigger game, then the user may get the chance to visit other locations not involved in the mystery, either to further the plot, get supplies, or meet other characters who are essential in solving the mystery.

Along with the setting, these games are also based on the plot. The most basic mystery games may not have a lot of activities or variable controls to use as the main player, but they all have the plot in common. The plot is the driving force behind the whole game, so many of them play out in movie-mystery fashion, except you get to be the one to solve the mystery rather than watching someone else on screen solve the case.  Depending on the style of play that you’re into or your level of expertise, you can pick a game with more complicated controls, a larger setting/map, and a more complicated storyline for advanced mystery-solving fun.


Whether you’re into complicated mystery storylines or simple riddle-solving puzzle games, you can occupy yourself for hours and keep your brain sharp with these entertaining apps.

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