Make Accountancy Easy With TS Grewal

Make Accountancy Easy With TS Grewal

Commerce students have to focus on different types and challenges as they take this stream. They have to get their math right, face the big syllabus and learn business-related words and jargon. Students need to study systematically and continuously throughout the year to score good marks in boards exams.

Out of all the subjects that the commerce stream offers, the subject in which students face trouble the most is the Accountancy subject. For this purpose, there are a number of reference books and guides for practicing accounts. 

But it is seen that the most popular accounts book among students is of TS Grewal. 

TS Grewal textbooks are considered the best resource when preparing for accountancy end-of-year exams and competitive exams. Students should go through all the chapters properly in the textbook. TS Grewal textbooks contain a number of important questions that are not only important in board exams but also in preparation for competitive exams.

Features of TS Grewal solutions 


* It has classroom-tested and well-organized material.

* The language is simple.

* There is a large number of simplified and better topic illustrations. 

*  They are ready to use the best resources.

* They cover the most important topics from a board evaluation perspective.

* They are designed in such a way that learners can understand the correct and simple ways of doing Math.

* TS Grewal’s solutions can help students to understand their skills especially problem-solving skills.

* The explanation of solutions are so simple that learners can easily understand and grasp difficult topics.

*  This helps the students to read difficult topics easily. 

* There are a number of tables, charts, and flow diagrams that make it easy for learners to memorize ideas.

* All solutions are written in clear language.

* Learners can easily understand ideas as the answers are very prescribed and given in a very simple way.

* TS Grewal has worked on the presentation of the book. It is in good order for easy understanding.


There are so many reasons why TS Grewal Accounting solutions are so popular with 12th graders. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:


* Its documentation resources help to build the foundation for preparation for board exams.

* The solutions are presented in simple language.

* It helps learners to make their ideas crystal clear.

* Once you are clear with the topics and all, you do not have to photograph everything over and over again. All you need to do during the test is just to review the formulas, terms, and concepts according to their weightage. 

* The type of Solutions vary from one to another. Some are in the form of multiple-choice questions, one word, short or long answers while some are in the form of matching the following or filling in the blanks.

* It has all the varieties and types of questions apart from just numerical.

* Therefore, students will become familiar with each type and pattern of questions, both in terms of practical and theory.

* Solutions are of all the levels. The book carries questions for all levels ranging from simple, balanced, and difficult levels.

* It gives the advantage to students to practice questions according to their capability. 

* The tips and solutions in this book itself are enough for all the aspects you don’t need to spend your money on attending classes.

* Each and every concept, topic, formula, illustration, etc. from smallest to the smallest, or largest to the largest, is explained in a simple and effective way that can be easily understood by the desired student itself.

* Therefore this saves your time and money that you could spend on learning from tuitions. 

* The plus point of this book is that solutions are available for free. Students can download the solutions from the internet on their computers or laptops in pdf format.

* They may keep the pdf throughout the academic year as a reference source which would be required during exam preparation.


Tips for using TS Grewal Solutions Effectively


* Proper time management is very important for those purposes students should make a plan or timetable and should follow the learning process.

* By following a proper plan, students will get more time to focus on all the important formulas, concepts, and topics.

* Take time to read each chapter. Understand the concepts and learn from the examples and illustrations.

* Do not attempt to dig into the Accounts.

* Do not rush to read and do not try to memorize formulas, ideas, and concepts in fact try to understand them because accounting is a comprehensive subject that requires more conceptual knowledge and skills.

* When doing calculations always check the numerical values ​​because the smallest error in numbers can make the whole answer wrong.

* Build confidence by solving as many questions as possible.

* Also solve back question papers which are sort of sample papers. Never forget to solve them as they are a great source of questions.

* These papers make you ready for the exam as it will be easier for you to cover the syllabus before the exam when you have a hard time.

* The more you solve, the more you have knowledge of it.

* Try to have command on each and every topic. Do not ignore or avoid any formula, concept, or topic.

* While ignoring or avoiding any topic you are just fooling yourself and you get one step away from getting good marks.


Thus, the students are expected to follow the much-required strategies and all the guidelines that are mentioned above and also study meticulously for their exams so that they can achieve the highest marks and become scholars of their school.

Perhaps, no subject is tough. One needs to just have a proper understanding of the required subject so that he or she has proper command of it. Without all of this, one key to success as we all know is hard work combined with good planning. Stay tuned, plan your time wisely, make sure your basics are complete, and make the best use of all the resources available in the handbooks. Students are just expected to follow a much-needed strategy and study carefully for their examination so that they can score the highest marks and become scholars of their school and make their family and teachers proud.


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