Financial Presentations on PowerPoint

Financial Presentations on PowerPoint – More Bang for the Buck

Pitching a financial proposal, concept, or idea is an opportunity that should always be maxed out.  When it comes to convincing a potential partner, venture capital or private equity firm that you’re worth their time and investment, your PowerPoint presentation could make or break the deal. A random selection of slides, poorly conceived, and visually unappealing could very well stem the tide in the wrong direction.  Financial presentations are a unique niche, which requires expertise and knowledge of the software’s full capabilities.  Let’s take a look at what it takes to make a killer financial presentation using PowerPoint.

The Data in a PowerPoint Usually Tells the Story – Poorly

Tables, charts, data points, graphs – this is the raw material you often find yourself with when planning a financial PowerPoint presentation.  Very often, they don’t translate well to the screen.  To make an impactful slideshow, an expert designer can work with you to draw out what the key points are in your overall message.  Plodding through slide after slide of nothing but numbers will soon have eyes glazing over.  Honing in on the salient points, with images and graphics strategically placed in the slides, will bat home the critical parts of the story, and keep engagement up.

PowerPoint is a Visual Medium – Make Your Financial Presentation a Visual One

Whether it’s on a laptop or a large projection screen, PowerPoint does its best work visually.  An expert designer will ensure it appeals to visual learners.  For those who crave spreadsheet data and reams of numbers, there is always an opportunity to supply those as an addendum.  When you have a limited amount of time to convey a concept or pitch, you and your designer need to drill down to the most impactful and engaging data and statistics, backed up by powerful visuals, including images and striking graphics, that tell your story the right way.

The Flow of Your Financial PowerPoint Presentation Must Be Logical

From the introduction to conclusion, your deck of slides must be tied into the verbal presentation.  Jumping around without rhyme or reason will confuse your audience, rather than engage them.  Your points, and slides, must flow so that you and your audience reach the same spot at the end of the road – a successful, memorable presentation that convinces them of your concept.

What A Presentation About Finance Should Do

You want to communicate a financial opportunity to your audience.  Nailing that opportunity, succinctly, from the very beginning of your PowerPoint presentation, should be your first consideration. As you begin your slides, your narration and the visuals should continuously harken back to the original opportunity you named. Whether it’s an investment, or a savings opportunity, or a pitch to raise capital, that opportunity is what you need to focus and refocus on during your PowerPoint presentation.  Better still, turn that opportunity into a story; one with a beginning, middle, and end.  A compelling story well told and backed up by engaging slides, will be a winner.

When you need help with your presentation design or are running out of time, or your marketing team is too stretched – we have some dynamite financial presentation samples to show you.





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