Home science is a subject that has easy marks to offer if studied the right way. Students can expect higher or even full marks in their home science exam. However, home science is a subject that is taken for granted by a lot of students. Even though the subject is light and is easy to study, a lack of focus and study can surely decrease anybody’s marks. Any subject requires optimism and study to achieve the end goal of higher marks. This article precisely covers all the steps and answers to all the how’s to get full marks in class 12 home science exam by all the students.


NCERT books

It is very important for the students to study the NCERT books due to the content it offers. It is even more important for CBSE students to thoroughly read and understand each part of the NCERT books because most questions in the board exams are asked from the NCERT books itself. The students can refer to Class 12 Home Science NCERT Book here. 



Even though the subject home science does not have many theories yet it is very essential to maintain notes of every chapter. This is because every chapter has a lot of information, facts, remedies, etc which are very essential to this subject as a whole and therefore, students are expected to know it. Handy notes can be very helpful to give a brief revision a day before exams and can also strengthen points that the students are weak at. Students should write them in their own, understandable language so that they remember the entire topic just by reading the notes. They can also use highlighters, colored pens, etc to make them look attractive and would also help retain attention to the content written for a longer time then usually students are able to maintain.


Previous year and sample question papers

Just like any other subject home science needs a lot of practice, thereby the students must take into account various question papers. They should keep solving question papers on a regular basis, within a given time span by managing their time and get them checked by a superior with knowledge. The students should solve as many as possible every day after completing the entire syllabus.


Practice practical

Many students do not take into consideration the 20 marks that are assigned for practical. So even if they were able to attain full marks in theory, they at times were not able to get full marks in the practical. Therefore the students must give practice to the practical twice a month. This will help them fetch marks in practical and will also make them confident when they try to implement theory into real life. The students should remember that 20% of their results depend on their performance in the practical and if they mess up here then they won’t get full marks. Additionally, the practical are very important as they teach the students how to implement and practice what the students learn and study.


Charts and Tables

Use charts and tables to store relevant information. This will help retain more information and would be convenient to make and summarize. The students can also use keywords in the chart for a particular topic in their notes to help them remember the entire topic conveniently and would also help in framing answers. This way there won’t be any need of cramming the entire answers.


Highlight Keywords

The students while writing their exams should underline important keywords. This shows that the student is confident and has studied well and this way there are less chances of losing marks. This also makes the sheet look neat and thereby the examiner would feel relaxed and comfortable in checking the exam sheet.


Solve Application based questions

Since home science is an application based subject students should focus more on application based questions and should solve them more often. This way not only will the information get retained but they would also be able to actually apply the information in some way or the other in their actual life. After all, the purpose of education is to make us ready for the world, thus, such a practice would help students be more precise with their application and learn true implementation in the real world. Also, from exam point of view, many questions will be application based, therefore, the practice for the same would be very beneficial for the students and help save a lot of time during exams.


Neat Handwriting

Students should always write their exams in neat handwriting, this is a very critical point that students tend to neglect. Home science has a lot of information and when written together in a bad handwriting, it can lead the examiner to miss some information or point accidentally and consequently the student would lose marks. Even if the writing alone is not understandable, then there is a possibility for the examiner to misinterpret some word or he/she/they might not understand the word at all, which will make the student lose marks. Therefore, hand writing is an important aspect to take care of and which no one really talks about because its intensity on exam is not really considered much but as mentioned it does have an effect on the examiner if not directly then indirectly to the exam sheet.


All these are certain points that should be taken care of while giving the home science exam. All these have a great potential to allow students to clear their home science with full marks provided the students do follow them. However, other than that students should be regular with their studies and should be consistent with the subject and should avoid taking it lightly. Students must understand that every subject requires equal attention irrespective of their content and worldly importance. Follow these steps and share the results.  


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