Make a Promise This New Year to Give Your Family a 360-Degree Protection

A new year means making resolutions! People have new goals, aligned to their interests. Some people want to get slimmer, others want to travel more.

However, this new year, it’s time to make a different promise to yourself, a promise to give your family 360-degree protection. After all, your family is an essential part of your life, and you wouldn’t ever want any harm to lurk their way.

Family is priority, and when we talk about protecting family, we’re ready to do anything to ensure their well-being. They’re always on our mind. So, you mustn’t miss out on ensuring their safety when it comes to being on the road.

Indian roads have become densely populated with new vehicles being purchased every minute. That’s not all, this has also led to a rise in many gang-based crimes that make it an unsafe place to be for our family.

A dash cam with GPS tracker is the need of the hour. It’s unbelievable how much peace of mind it can bring. This way, you can deal with various challenges and dangers that arise on Indian roads.

Here’s how a dash cam with GPS tracker will help you keep you this new promise of providing your family with overall security.

Ensures Safety of Women

With changing times, more and more women drivers are getting behind the wheel. But, Indian roads are yet to become a safe place for women that drive. This unfortunate reason is why you must ensure the safety and well-being of the women in your family who drive alone.

Dash cam with GPS tracker ensures that she is safe and under no threat. With the help of this state-of-the-art tracker, you can be at peace even if she leaves from a party or office meeting late at night.

Prevents Teens from Being Reckless

We all know how teens tend to be irresponsible and reckless, and this is what stresses parents out. While you’re in the middle of your sleep or on holiday, your teen could be sneaking your car out.

This can be dangerous for them as they are inexperienced and the chances of them running into trouble is high. That’s not all, there are tons of other threats that are present on roads during night, some of these include drunk drivers, faulty or non-functional traffic signals, low visibility, and many more.

However, if you have a dash cam with GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, you can breathe a sigh of relief as it gives you some sense of assurance that your teen isn’t caught up in any trouble.

Ensures Your Little One’s Safety

How often does it happen that you are unable to take your kids to school or arts classes or a birthday party because of your other obligations? Frequently, right? To make it easier for the kids to reach their destination, you hire a chauffeur to make sure they arrive on time and in comfort.

However, as a parent, worrying about your little one is inevitable; you want to be certain that they are safe and sound at all times. You can’t trust your chauffeur as he could be putting your child’s security at risk by driving rash or taking a detour while your kids are on board.

By continuously monitoring a dash cam with a location tracker in place, you can ease your worries as the device will ensure that your kids are safe, and the chauffeur is on the designated route.

Rectifying Driving Quality

Reckless driving rates amongst one of the top reasons for road accidents to occur. During your absence, your teenager, chauffeur, or significant other could be driving poorly, putting themselves and others at risk.

A dash cam with GPS tracker will instantly bring this to your notice. Without a car safety device in place to improve driving quality, it could lead to a catastrophic situation. You can call out reckless driving with the help of this vehicle security system to prevent any threats to your loved ones and vehicle.

Keep Your Promise This New Year

A dash cam with GPS tracker is a great way to ensure that your family has all-round protection when they are on the road. To deal with modern-day threats, a mere dash cam with GPS tracker doesn’t suffice to meet all your security needs.

You need a technologically advanced device that has many more features than a dash cam with GPS tracking. One such amazing device that provides 360-degree protection to your loved ones is KENT CamEye.

This device has been engineered and designed in India to meet issues that persist specifically on Indian roads. It has modern features such as dual camera, face recognition, over speeding alert, geo-fencing, route playback, cloud storage, video live streaming, and more.

The device ensures that it fulfills your promise of providing your family with 360-degree protection. This user-friendly device can be ordered to your doorstep from the Amazon India website.

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