Gaming Room Set-Up Ideas: Must Haves for PC Gaming

If you’re a big-time PC gamer, then you understand the importance of having a really awesome gaming setup. Not only does your computer need to be top of the line for the highest quality gaming performance, but so do your surroundings.

It’s highly possible that you can have at least a 4-hour binge session on a game, so you need to be comfortable. Your space needs to fit you and all of your personal needs. So, we decided to lay out some awesome ideas for the best gaming room setup!

Gaming Chair

Consider your gaming chair like your throne. You want to have something that’s comfortable, sturdy, and durable. Think about it for a second: where are you going to spend most of your time in this room? The chair obviously! When you’re on your third hour of Call of Duty, were you standing the whole time? You would lay on the ground when watching walkthrough videos of your favorite games on YouTube?

You want a chair that will not only keep you comfortable, but one that puts your back in a good position as well. Some chairs even come with extra features like USB plug-ins for charging things, speakers, cupholders, and massage capabilities. If you have the money to spend, make sure you don’t cheap out on the chair. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on it.


A key aspect of any gaming room are the speakers. Whether you are using them for your own games, or to drown out any other noise that could interfere with your games, a good set of speakers is absolutely a must-have in any gaming room.

A lot of modern games use sound to enhance gaming quality and make it more realistic to the player. You can hear others sneaking around, different music to add depth to a scene, commands from other players, and so much more. Skimping out on the speakers will not only do you a disservice in terms of overall room quality, but it will also really hurt your gaming performance.


Piggybacking off of the speakers, this is only for the people who want to go above and beyond. Gaming can be intense. You can do a lot of yelling in frustration or celebration. Either way, it can really annoy the people who aren’t in that room. Yes, your neighbors can hear you celebrate your Fortnite win at 2 am. No, they don’t like hearing you yell and outshine the music blasting.

You can either soundproof the room yourself or hire professionals. The panels can be expensive so other alternatives to help mitigate the noise problems would be hanging thick curtains or drapes or adding some carpets. Your neighbors or other family members will thank you, and you will thank yourself due to the lack of interruptions when people are telling you to quiet down.

Wire Managers

You can have all the coolest mods to your computers, monitors, chairs, consoles, and so on. If you have a bunch of wires plugged in looking disorganized and disheveled, then nobody is going to be able to appreciate any of your stuff. Having wires plugged in multiple places without any sort of organization is one of the ugliest things that can happen to a game room.

Keep yourself organized and your room looking clean and appealing by at least trying to manage those pesky wires by using wire managers.

WiFi Router or Extender

Using a lot of bandwidth in your game room can be a problem, especially if you are sharing it with a bunch of other people. Nothing is worse to a gamer than lag, and when you use an internet network that is constantly being used by other people, your game will lag and your performance will drop tremendously.

Fix the problem at the source by either getting your own WiFi router or an extender just for the gaming room. It will add more coverage to your house or apartment which your roommates will enjoy, but it will also remove any chance of lag or bandwidth-hogging going on.

Games Wall Art for Gamers Room

It is stunning to let your room wall arts reflect your creativity. There are several ways you can integrate the beautiful arts of games into your room décor. From the attractive actions in various games to the colorful themes, you have more than enough ideas to try.

You can get various types of game wall arts. Consider adding colorful frames like these prints. There is no limit to how much you can explore gaming concepts for your room décor. Feel free to explore!


Probably the third most important thing in a game room, behind the actual computer and your chair, is the lighting. There are a lot of different things that you need the lighting to help with, so it’s important to focus a lot of your attention on this when setting up your gaming room. When you’re in gaming mode, you’re still going to want some light around so you can see your surroundings, but not enough to distract you.

Adding some colored LED’s and push control lighting throughout the room will really help you out. You can keep them on when most of the lights are out in the room to help your eyes adjust to the brightness of the screen, and they also look really cool in the dark. Dimmers are really helpful as well. Using them to readjust your eyes to light when you finish is an added feature that not many gamers think about.

Nothing is worse than being basically blind for a few minutes after turning the lights on full blast after you finish playing in the dark for hours. It hurts and you can barely see. Dim the lights up or down to help your eyes adjust.


This is the personal touch aspect. Depending on size, you can add these things to really make this space feel like your own. Posters, arcade games, mini-fridges, couches, table games, anything you would like.

Make this room be a true expression of yourself so you can always feel comfortable in it. You also want to make it welcoming to others on the chance you host people. Adding these features will go a long way to making your gaming room top of the line.

Final Thoughts on Must-Haves for Game Rooms

If you keep these few ideas for an awesome game room in mind, we guarantee that you’ll love your space. You’ll be able to play for hours and be comfortable the entire time. No worrying about lag, not caring about how much noise you’re making, and definitely not feeling any back pain. Be the best gamer you can be and get these must-haves for your gaming room!

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