8 Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

The user base of Twitter seems to be a little less than other social media handles because let’s accept it; the Twitter game needs to be to-the-point. There are very few people who have extensive following on Twitter. Many lethal brands have coined their Twitter presence and the reason? Their large follower base! Having a significant number of followers based on Twitter is no joke, but when you have it, the positive influence is resonated with the industry and potential buyers.

According to the report, brands are trying their best on Twitter because it has become a reliable medium for the businesses to induce the conversation with the customer base. Twitter is said to be the easiest social media handles, but again, gaining the immense number of followers is no joke. In this article Buy Twitter Followers , we have added eight different ways to ensure that the follower base grows and you reach the desired count without any hassles. So, let’s get to it!

Tweet Frequently

As compared to Facebook and Instagram, the content on Twitter needs to be better and best, and the content strategy needs to be optimal to devise desired results. For the businesses that are looking for the growth, the optimal tweet count is three to seven tweets on a regular basis. However, this solely depends on industrial competition on Twitter. For instance, if your competitors are publishing ten tweets a day, you might have to publish fifteen to stay ahead of them.

The content strategy on Twitter is essential because filling the content calendar on Twitter is a crucial factor. When you tweet more often, obviously, you are going to talk about current affairs, trends, etc. and this will foster the active and engaging image in front of the potential follower base. When they see you putting efforts into the content, they see your profile as the “following worth.” If you don’t have a separate social media team, you can use the scheduling software to make the tweets.

Time Them up

Every business has a clear idea about their user base that what their active times are. As a business, you need to ensure that you are tweeting at the time when the follower base is active. This will increase the visibility chances of the tweets. For the businesses, usually, late afternoons and early mornings are the right times to tweet. This is because working people check their phones during that time. To check the usual active times of your follower base, you can use the analytics to gain in-depth information.

Visual Content

This doesn’t mean that you start tweeting every other image in your gallery. Rather, you need to design the graphics aptly and capturing enough to make sure people stop scrolling and have a look at your tweet. Moreover, the attractive visual content tends to create higher engagement rates, retweets, and shares as compared to the text tweets.


Hashtags are essential when you want to increase the tweet visibility and engagement. The hashtags have become a medium through which potential followers find you. Whenever you are designing the content for the tweet, add two or three relevant and most-used hashtags at the end. According to the reports, the tweets that have hashtags create 12.6% more engagement as compared to tweets that don’t use the hashtags.

Be Engaging

Being a brand doesn’t mean that you stay in arrogance and stay inside your loop. Twitter is a social media handle, and it is intended to socialize. So, when you are on Twitter, you need to get in touch with your community and take part in the conversations. For instance, if your competitor has tweeted something good, you can retweet it and tag them. If someone has tagged you, you can rely on them. This will create a sense of bonding and relationship. Also, the tagging and replying leave an active image in front of the follower base.


You need to make sure that your profile looks humane and not robotic. To ensure that, add the clean and clear profile photo, give an engaging bio statement to tell about you and your talk point. All in all, you need to optimize the profile in the sense that it provokes the natural and real profile.

Stay Within The Network

When you are on Twitter and struggling to earn some followers, the best way is to engage and connect within the network. The network signifies the community that you belong to. For instance, if you are a blogger, get in touch with your fellow bloggers and create a community. Also, it will help the followers see that you are an engaging person.


The most common trick to increase the number of followers is to ask your followers on other platforms to start following you on Twitter as well.

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