How to Play GBA ROMs on Your Computer

Playing sophisticated MMORPGs and popular Android games are really fun. Still, sometimes we miss those simple, genuine, inimitable games we used to play when we were children. Emulators can help you run your favorite GBA games developed by legendary Nintendo right on your computer. A cool emulator and GBA ROMs are all you need to dive into the whirlpool of sweet memories and positive emotions.

Downloading an Emulator

To download an emulator, visit a reputable website specializing in distributing safe and reliable products. Prior to downloading a program, make sure that its version is compatible with your Windows.

  • If you have difficulties recalling what type of OS you use, just go to the “Start” menu and right-clicking on “Computer” there. Select the “Properties” option and check the “System Type.”
  • Select the chosen emulator and click on the “Download” option.
  • You can also avail yourself of an Installer program that will install the emulator for you. All you will need to get the Installer is to press the “Download” button and wait for a minute till the process is over.
  • Please note that the Installer option can be utilized on Windows 10 only. If you have older versions, then, you’ll need to perform the installation of your emulator manually, which is not a big deal, though. All you need to do is to decompress the emulator files and place them into the destination folder.

How to Download and RUN GBA ROMs on the Emulator

Now you have your new emulator properly installed on your computer. Still, you cannot start playing GBA games yet. Do you know why? Because you lack one more essential component, namely, ROM files of the GBA game you intend to play on your emulator.

To download the games, navigate to a reputable website offering GBA ROMs. Scroll down the list of the available games until you find the one that interests you. Let’s say, a Pokemon Ruby Rom file. Don’t hesitate to select a Pokémon Ruby ROM and click on the “Download” or “Download Now” button that should be next to this file.

Just like in the case with the emulator, it will be necessary to extract the downloaded files into the appropriate folder.

To do that, navigate to the ROM folder and right-click on it. Upon doing so, choose “Open.” To extract the content of your ROM file, you will need to click on it.

That’s all! Now you can try playing a new game on your emulator. Just fire up your emulator and select the “Run as administrator” option. Then, choose the game you want to play at this very moment and load it via your emulator.

Can an Emulator Hurt My Computer?

If you download an emulator from a reputable source, there is nothing you should be afraid of. Emulators are completely safe for your machine since its primary function is quite simple – to emulate the hardware of a retro console, which makes it possible for you to play old games on a PC. Still, if you are not sure about the safeness of the downloaded software, run your antivirus across it to be on the safe side.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, emulators are not illegal insofar you don’t sell them for the sake of making a profit.

Now when you know much more about emulators and ROMs, you can start enjoying playing GBA games on your computer.

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