How to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

If you haven’t heard of free Steam wallet codes before, then you need to check out what everyone else is so anxious about. Basically, Steam is one of the hottest gaming companies that have caught the world by storm. The Steam wallet code is a bit of text that is entered into your Steam account and the money gets directly applied on to your Steam Wallet. For example, if the code was worth $10, then $10 will be the amount added to your steam account.

Adding funds to your Steam wallet helps you to purchase your favorite games and other unique features in Steam. The funds will be converted into your local currency if your account is set to another currency other than US Dollars. We may enjoy purchasing various features to make our games more interesting in Steam but not everyone can afford that amount of money.

As a game addict, you will be curious to find out whether you can get the Steam wallet codes for free. There are many websites that promise to give you Steam codes for free only to end up working on endless surveys or being redirected to other harmful sites. In this post, we are going to give you the unique ways on how you can get Steam wallet codes for free but first, it is important to understand a little bit about Steam.

 An Overview of Steam

As we mentioned earlier, Steam has now become the number one spot where PC gamers can acquire the latest games or AAA releases. Those looking for hot PC games or just making additions to their collection of old-school favorites, then you will be lucky to scour Steam for the greatest deals and unique features. The good thing about this is that you can actually get these items without having to crush your Steam wallet to scratch.

It is usually fun especially when the Steam Summer Sale is at its peak! You get 50% off deals on the most popular and biggest titles. Unfortunately, not all games will be up for sale at large discounts and for that reason, Steam Wallet codes can buy your way out. So, the question remains, how do I get them?

 How to Get Free Steam wallet codes?

Everybody likes free stuff as long as they are beneficial and the same can be said for those who are looking for free wallet codes. We have analyzed a few legitimate ways on how you can earn or claim steam wallet codes for free. They include;

One of the easiest and unique ways to earn Steam wallet codes for free is through PointsPrizes. All you need to do is to complete some offers such as filling out a survey or sending your email address to receive newsletters from the company. You can exchange these points for wallet codes once they accumulate to a specific number.

Although you might finally get your Steam Wallet codes for free, how long will it take? It is very easy to complete offers in PointsPrizes and you can get free codes within an hour. You might be lucky enough to receive plenty of offers especially when you live in Europe or the United States. Their offers are screened carefully which means you won’t have to download anything on your device.

To help promote their games and content, Steam shares more than 300 game codes and wallet codes with their partners occasionally. Every month, the codes are shared with partners and the gaming community so that they can continue promoting Steam. You can always be lucky to acquire a few Steam codes from the developers if you share on various social media platforms.

But how do I find them? It is pretty simple. Follow the game developers on their Facebook or Twitter pages to know what they offer and how you can earn Steam wallet codes for free. You can also be a participant in any draw that has been announced after the new games have been published.

The reward points or unique currency used by Swagbucks is referred to as “Swag”. They can be earned through sharing on various social media platforms or completing simple surveys. It is one of the most popular and trusted GPT websites that has stood a test of time, giving away points that can be redeemed for Steam Wallet codes.

There are three main ways on how you can earn Swagbucks. You can watch online videos, refer your friends or earn swags through browsing the internet. Change your default search engine to Swagbucks search to avail this option. You can be paid more than 100 swags depending on your searches. If you have time, you will find it fun watching videos of all kinds.

You can also allow them to run in the background while you browse, making you earn twice in a row. Also, share your affiliate link via social media and you can get 10% of what everyone gets from Swagbucks.

This is another legit website that allows you to complete offers and earn cash on the Loot Market. These funds can then be used to purchase Steam wallet codes. It is very simple. You can choose to earn money on their offers page by completing short surveys or doing other tasks such as watching an ad.

The money will then reflect immediately in your Loot Market balance. Using these funds, you can purchase the Steam Wallet Codes; buy CSGO or DOTA items and many more. Just like PointsPrizes, you don’t need to download anything.

steam wallet generator

How to Search For Free Steam wallet codes In the GPT Websites

Don’t just go in blindly with too much excitement about earning Steam wallet codes for free. It all requires patience and a few Google searches. Most of these products are offered globally and location doesn’t matter for the digital giveaways such as digital gift cards or game codes. You can check for the reward programs that give store credits to their users.

You get free credits that can be used to acquire Steam wallet codes for free once you participate in their program. Avoid websites that claim to give free codes but have too many redirects. You are likely to land in their trap of visiting a site that only leaves them as the beneficiaries while you get lost in the scam loops. In the end, you are not compensated for performing the simple tasks promised by the site.

 How to Redeem Free Steam wallet codes

There are simple steps that you need to take when you want to redeem your Steam wallet codes.

  • First, open the download page and then click the button “Redeem on the Steam”. This gives you a Steam product key that you can use to register your account.
  • The second step is to select or highlight the key generate and then copy it to your clipboard.
  • Install the Steam Client in your computer system before launching the steam client. Enter your login details and then click the button named “+ADD A GAME”. This action registers the product code to your Steam account.
  • Now select the option “Activate a Product on Steam”.
  • Follow the instruction on your screen and then paste the “product key” in the space provided.

Check all games registered to your Steam account by clicking on the library tab. select the game you were interested in and click the “Install” button. The install button will change to “PLAY” once the game gets installed in your account.

What You Should Know About the Steam Wallet Code Online Generators

We realized that most websites that claim they can generate instant Steam Wallet codes were all scams and should be avoided at all costs. It is impossible for these websites to externally generate Steam codes using some kind of algorithm because Steam developers factored this issue in their plan. It is not that easy to acquire Steam Wallet codes by hacking Steam database otherwise everyone would be doing it.

Here are some facts about these sites;

  1. Free Steam Wallet Code online generators are considered to be a scam and illegal

They are usually operated on the DMCA ignored hosting and are likely to endanger your Steam account details. They always spam on users account with fake links and offers to phish pages.

  1. They earn money by survey

They trick you into completing surveys and get paid depending on the type of survey and your GEO location. You will then be redirected to other broken links or survey websites after completing a survey.

  1. They also earn by PPI (Pay per Install)

Downloading .exe files in your system from these websites is likely to cause harm to your computer. They usually come with virus or malware that compromises your files and documents making you a victim of identity theft.


Steam is a gaming platform that has improved over the years, setting high standards for playing different types of games. There are many interesting games that can keep you entertained all day long. Since the wallet codes are necessary when purchasing games or other features, you need to go with the legit methods that have been proven in this post. Stay away from websites claiming to generate free Steam Wallets instantly as they waste your time, efforts and can compromise your device by installing malware or viruses. Steam has its own rules and measures to handle these threats. The best way to keep enjoying your games on the Steam account is by using free legit steam wallet codes.

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