Preparing Class 1 Kid For His Exam

How to prepare a class 1 kid for his exam?

The examination is a fear for the student of any class from class 1 till they study. But the examination level increases subsequently. Class 1 is the class that focuses on the foundation of one’s education. The examination is just to keep a check on it. So, it is not a matter of worry. 

Still, the parents should teach their children before the examination to make them pass the exam. Let us talk about some tips for the parents of class 1 kids. These tips will help them to prepare their kids for examination.

Tips for parents to help out their kids in the exam:

Reduce their syllabus  

First and foremost, lower their course load. It entails compiling a list of the most important and likely test subjects. This will help them to prioritize the most important topics. Try to give them less but important topics. As a result, kids will be able to practice the most significant aspects of the topic first. You can do so by contacting their teachers. 

Tell them about relaxing techniques 

Parents may teach their children how to relax during tests. The majority of students suffer anxiety or anxiousness during exams. Teach them some relaxation techniques to help them relax. Instead of putting pressure on them, you should support them. Encourage them to give it their all without regard for the outcome. Inform them about the following techniques:

  1. Take a few deep breaths. They might even wish to count their deep inhalations and exhalations five times.
  2. Squeeze a stress ball to relieve tension. Send the ball into the test with them if it is permitted.

Create a timetable for them 

You should begin organizing regular study sessions in the evening at least two weeks before the exam. You may have your child study for an hour every weekday and give them the weekend off.

Make a schedule for the weeks leading up to the tests. Each day, make a note of when your child will study. They will develop a good studying habit if you encourage them to stick to a routine. Try to keep them on track with the routine without placing any pressure on them.

Make quick study notes

Your youngster must be able to retain knowledge as well as recall it when needed. You can promote particular studying habits to help them strengthen their memory. 

They will learn more efficiently if they use these tools regularly rather than cramming knowledge from a book. Make a list of the math formulae they’ll need to know. Make sure they remember the formulae. When it comes to memorizing vocabulary and other crucial spellings, flashcards are a great way to go.

You should make sure that they sleep and eat well 

Before taking the exam, your child should get enough rest. Make sure kids go to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. They should get at least eight hours of sleep before taking their exam so that they are aware. They must also maintain a healthy diet. They should try to avoid eating junk food and instead consume foods that provide their brain with continuous energy for a longer length of time.

Make them practice sample papers 

Parents should ensure that their children practice enough before the exam. To ensure that you will be able to take their examinations once you have completed the course. You can also provide them with CBSE Sample papers for class 1. So they may prepare for the exam by practicing them. This will aid them in increasing their speed and recalling what they have learned so far.

Look for a peaceful spot to study

Your youngster will require a peaceful environment in which to prepare for their exam. There should be no distractions in the room, such as a television. You should make it plain to the rest of the family. This will aid your child’s attention while he or she is preparing. Reduce noise in your home when your youngster is studying. 


Class 1 exam is not a topic to worry till your kid study daily for at least 1 hour. Those kids can easily catch up with their syllabus before the exam and with proper revision, they can pass the exam. For kids who don’t study regularly is a matter of concern but not too much. Those kids can also pass the exam but with a little more effort. The parents should make sure to follow the above-given tips to help their child during exams.

But don’t worry too much. Let the kids enjoy their childhood. Don’t put too much pressure on them. As class 1 result doesn’t matter much. The thing that matters is what they have learned and live happily. To know more you check out the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) section of the article.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What not to do while preparing the kids for the exams?

There are several things that parents should avoid doing during their kid’s exam-

  1. Don’t compare them with others and make them feel inferior.
  2. You should not much unnecessary burden on your kids.
  3. Also, don’t force them to study all day. Let them do other activities for some time.
  • What resources are available for studying for the class 1 exam?

Many websites offer study tools for students to utilize in their test preparation. Sample papers and practice questions for your test can be found on a variety of websites. You may just go to the website and get the study materials. This study guide will be highly useful in assisting you in passing your exam.

  • What the parents should do on their exam day?

The following are some things that parents should take care of on the exam day-

  1. Make that they have breakfast on the day of the exam. Sugary meals should be avoided since they might cause the youngster to slump.
  2. Look through their backpacks before they leave the house. Ensure that they carry all the supplies they’ll need for the exam.
  3. Make sure your youngster gets to school or the testing facility on time. It’s a good idea to be there fifteen minutes early.


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