CocoDoc Review: the Best Free PDF Editor for Your Browser

CocoDoc PDF editor sits in the list of popular free online PDF editors, thanks to its unique features and its easy-to-use layout. Asking anyone to try CocoDoc online editor for PDF, it is expected they list minimum features that it must have to complete editing a PDF file comprehensively. While not missing out on the basic editing tools available in the other free editors, CocoDoc goes further to introduce tools that are only available in sophisticated editors such as the apple preview or the paid versions of commonplace editors. A keener look at the tools available on CocoDoc, however, reveals its uniqueness, especially where one considers that while one might need to install several free editors to get a job done, it is possible to achieve all these tasks right from within CocoDoc.

Resizing of files

While this feature is available in multiple free editors, its unique placement on CocoDoc as well as the ability of a document to retain its initial quality makes it stand out among others. Most other editors would necessarily decrease the quality and the resolution of the PDF, a feature that causes the CocoDoc to be preferred especially for designs that bank on the quality and legibility of text.

Dependable file security

Pdf is mostly used for sensitive documents that the sender wishes are not altered. CocoDoc takes care of this by going a step further to introduce two-factor encryption for documents making it hard for unwanted hands to open the document. Further, where ultimately a document lands in the wrong hands for some reason, the editor has an integrated feature that allows for permanent deletion of a file making it inaccessible from a database.

Document collaboration

Most organizations would require that several people work on various sections of a document to have it finally approved. CocoDoc enables this by creating a collaborative document where one user can edit and even digitally sign their part and pass over the document to the next relevant party. This creates a seamless workflow and also quickens the decision-making process by allowing for remote access to the material document. Besides, such a flow of work ensures that errors are detected quickly within the process thus saving on man-hours and also improves thoroughness within the office.

Ease of use

It’s easy to use CocoDoc PDF editor. The majority of the online free editors require training to use them thanks to their complex layout that makes it hard to access basic document editing tools. With CocoDoc, however, the automated system along with a straightforward user interface makes it possible to figure out popular tools without the need for intensive training. While most free PDF editing software offers only a small range of capabilities thus forcing one to have multiple software programs installed to complete a task, CocoDoc packs massive PDF tools allowing one to complete a task within it. Besides, the editor allows for easier organization of files and folders without the need to install additional software.

Document conversion

Apart from the basic editing tools that allow for text editing, the creation of watermarks as well as the encryption features discussed, CocoDoc allows the user to convert the PDF to any popular format in the market and back to PDF easily. This together with the ability to split, merge as well as compress the documents makes CocoDoc a majorly preferred tool especially within the office environment where documents may be received in various types such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or excel.

Availability of upgrades

Most free editors lack the option of upgrading to a paid option. For an institution that has a large number of files in the database, it may make more commercial sense to upgrade to a paid option than to look for additional functionality in a different free editor. Thus the user might consider beginning working on the free version of CocoDoc since, upon need, one would be able to easily upgrade to a paid version without necessarily losing or needing to port the work already done. Besides, the organizational features integrated with CocoDoc would understandably make one reluctant to leave the editor, thus making the existence of the option to upgrade especially important.

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