How to Get Free Receipt Templates for Word, Excel, and PDF

As a small business owner or freelancer, making an invoice should not be overlooked in your business procedures. You can generate an invoice in Microsoft Excel in four different ways, one of which is by using an excel invoice template. This article will go over all of your choices for you.

And if you’re preoccupied with legal and logistical issues, you’ll need a clear understanding of a few business words to keep your company running smoothly. Making an invoice is one of them. Using the tips in this post, you can make an invoice in Word.


Welnvoice is a free bill generator on the market that does an excellent job of creating bills. Welnvoice has risen the ranks after receiving positive reviews from Windows Central, Tech Instances, NextPit, and other well-known publications.

Welnvoice allows an individual to create an invoice online without spending any money. You launch the program, choose bill templates, and share it with customers and other shareholders to check this about payment receipt. Not only is this no longer the highest, but it is also possible to increase a custom-designed bill that allows for imagination and enchantment.


Aside from that, Welnvoice provides the user with a wealth of choices and sophisticated equipment that makes the process virtually smooth and error-free. You may either share or receive the bill’s connection with your partners and customers.

Not only that, but the app also includes online storage, which aids in keeping invoices safe and secure. This simple procedure and sharing option establish a source of pleasure for the person, causing them to use it in the end.

How to Make a Receipt Templates in PDF, Word Format?

Take a look at this stage of the process if you no longer know how to make a bill. In the following steps, we’ll go over how to create a bill with WeInvoice:

Step 1: Open to WeInvoice’s bill generator web page. Open any of the available templates on the site.

Step 2: Upload critical information such as the title, corporate highlights, transaction details, and e-mail address. If the customer doesn’t need a specific item from the pre-customized design, the system allows them to exclude it from the bill. You may also change the template’s color and add some forex from the bill settings.

Step 3: To get the bill in PDF, Word format, click Save. That concludes our discussion.

The Advantages of Invoice Templates, Receipt Templates

Invoice models are used by almost every company to quickly generate invoices. This trend can be attributed to a variety of factors.

We’ve gone over some of the main benefits of using invoice templates rather than starting from scratch.

Various formats are available.

The best part about these printable invoice models is that they come in a variety of file formats to choose from. It gives you the option of selecting the most appropriate format for your needs. You can also migrate them to some other file format with just a key.

Without any formatting, it is printable

These invoice models were created with the essence of physical invoices in mind. As a result, you can choose any design since they are all print-friendly. You would not need to format the data since it is compatible with all page sizes.

It helps you save time and effort.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to create an invoice from scratch. To make it look professional, you’ll also need some editing skills. Invoice models, on the other hand, have professional designs and can help you create an invoice in less than a minute. Depending on the data you need to enter, you can also save time by formatting the invoice for printing.

Use it for no cost.

With WeInvoice’s 14-day free trial, you can try all of its solutions for free. As a result, you can build several invoices without spending a dime. Additionally, the free plan gives you access to the paid templates.


Printable invoice templates will save you time from having to create invoices from scratch. You may simply add all of the necessary details to a template and share it with your customers. WeInvoice is a great way to keep track of your finances and generate invoices online.

As a result, you can test out this service during its trial phase to see if it is the right app for you.

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