What Features Should I Look for in a Good Gaming Mouse?

All PC gamers know that, amidst their overall setup, their choice of gaming mouse is one that especially cannot be taken lightly. Your mouse determines your in-game performance, optimization options, gameplay speed, and more—and that’s even before considering the aesthetic appeal of a good gaming mouse.

In particular, there are four qualities to keep in mind when choosing between the best gaming mice on the market: weight, sensitivity, buttons, and comfort. The first three are crucial for becoming the best player you can be, while the fourth is absolutely essential for anyone who’ll be enjoying lengthy gaming sessions, be it in esports or just for fun.


The best gaming mouse weight for you will depend on a few different factors, most notably the kinds of games you most often play. In fact, you might even switch between two mice if you regularly play in drastically different genres! By and large, you’ll find that the weight of your mouse impacts your accuracy and maneuverability. An FPS player (first-person shooter), for example, would more likely opt for a heavier mouse that lets them aim more accurately, while an MMO player (massively multiplayer online) would typically prefer a lighter model.


In the world of gaming mice, DPI is the measure of a mouse’s sensitivity. DPI refers to the dots per linear inch that the gaming mouse in question is able to detect. This determines, in part, the precision with which you’ll be able to use the mouse while gaming. A mouse with higher DPI is considered to be a higher performance mouse, letting the cursor move further with only minor movement of your hand. This increased mouse sensitivity is a great benefit in moving your character, for instance, while a lower DPI might be preferable to someone whose primary focus is precision.


Non-gamers or beginners may be overwhelmed to see a gaming mouse with more than the typical right and left mouse buttons, or perhaps a scroll wheel. However, the extra buttons added to many gaming mice are there for a good reason—within games, these buttons can be programmed to handle in-game, app, and system commands. This process, referred to as binding the buttons, assigns each button a task, such as making your avatar jump, crouch, or shoot. Depending on the types of games you tend to play, you might prefer to have plenty of extra buttons or choose an option with fewer for simpler setups.


Any frequent gamer—or simply anyone who’s worked remotely—can attest to the importance of having a comfortable mouse. Ergonomic mice exist for just this reason, aiming to optimize your mouse usage to a healthier, more comfortable position. You won’t necessarily need a specific ergonomic design, though. Your hand size and grip of choice can help you determine what type of mouse will be most comfortable, or you can combine this knowledge with your other preferences to choose the best fit within a certain weight or with a particular number of buttons. Naturally, you can also turn to your own personal experience to help make this decision: what kind of mouse has felt most comfortable in the past?

Of course, these are just some of the features you should look for in a good gaming mouse, albeit some of the most important. Battery life may be a critical factor for those choosing a wireless mouse, and gamers with a tendency to create an aesthetically pleasing setup may consider RGB light to be a top priority. In any case, there are plenty of great gaming mice on the market—you just have to find the best gaming mouse for you.

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