Destiny 2: The Main Activities Of The Pvp Game Mode

Destiny 2 has amazing gunplay, art, mission design, and mechanics, a high variety of activities for different categories of players. This game has a unique combination of casual content for everyone, PvP modes, and incredibly cool end-game PvE activities (raids and dungeons). And today in the article we will talk about PvP.

Another issue is that the onboarding of new players is done very badly. After the 2020 update, there is no campaign as such, in principle, there is only a chain of quests on the starting planet. Starting to play this is not interesting, none of the basic mechanics are really explained. Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to start playing and many use destiny 2 boosting service. This is a legal service that can help players enjoy the game and not spend a lot of time.

Destiny 2

The Trials of Osiris

The Trials of Osiris is the most difficult PvP mode with the rarest rewards. According to its basic rules, it practically does not differ from “Liquidation”.

In the “Trials” to get the best prizes, you need to win seven matches, and without losing once or no more than once if you have a special ticket. And the selection of participants is arranged in such a way that you will be matched with a team that has the same number of consecutive wins as you. In addition, the strength level of the character is taken into account here, so the choice of suitable equipment is somewhat limited. And this mode is open only from Friday to Tuesday, and all the battles take place on the same map.

In other words, although the “Trials of Osiris” do not make big changes to the mechanics of PvP, the very structure of this activity motivates players to give their best. No one wants to lose the progress they’ve made, and everyone wants to replenish their arsenal with a couple of cool samples. It is not surprising that the problem of cheaters was particularly acute here, especially since the mode was previously available in the free version of the game. Therefore, this is the only PvP mode that can be played only if there is an up-to-date addon. There are no other obstacles, there is not even a need to have a pre-assembled group: there is separate matchmaking for solo players.

The Crucible

The crucible is not so much a separate mode as a haven for a whole set of PvP modes. According to their principles, they are not too different from what is available in other modern multiplayer shooters: players are reborn after death, and the goal of the match is usually to capture points. Another less serious regime is active every week.

For example, in “Chaos”, in which the superpowers of the characters are restored so quickly that it makes no sense to even take up a gun. For those who prefer more serious matters, there is a rating “Liquidation”. There are only three players in each team, and they do not respawn until the end of the round unless they are resurrected by one of their teammates. That’s where cooperation is important, although usually, the “Crucible” is not demanding.


Destiny 2 also has a competitive mode, which has no analogs in any popular online shooter. In the Gambit, each of the two teams of four players finds themselves in their huge arena, in different parts of which fighters of hostile races appear under the control of AI.

Both teams must destroy as many enemies as possible, pick up the particles falling from them and bring them to the cylinder Bank located in the center of the location. Collecting 100 particles will cause a Primeval – a huge boss, accompanied by Messengers, killing which will increase damage to the main villain. The team that destroys Primeval first wins.

Eliminating crowds of aliens for speed is a curious competition in itself, but the real competition flares up at the moment when it becomes clear: players can interfere with each other directly.

Destiny 2

For example, if you throw a certain number of particles into the Bank, then a special enemy will appear in the arena of the enemy team, which will block its Bank for the duration of its life. And if there are a lot of such enemies, then they will start stealing particles from there, passing them to rivals. However, most of all the enemy can be prevented by a single player who will be transferred to someone else’s arena.

The player will have an improved shield, and will be able to see the location of the enemy team members and how many particles each of them carries. The latter is especially important because the killed players lose the particles that were with them. And when the Primeval is already present in the arena, the player’s death will replenish his health.

We have listed far from all the entertainment that Destiny 2 is ready to offer. The open world with its heroic events and the exploration of lost sectors remained behind the brackets. Without detailed descriptions, exotic tasks were dispensed with, with which you never know what you will have to do during the passage.

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