The Many Benefits of GPS

GPS uses satellite to help pin vehicles and other devices’ location in real time on a map. This technology has revolutionized how people drive and enables them to get from point A to point B. But the most sophisticated of GPSs can also help drivers find the quickest routes to their destination while also notifying them on issues such as traffic jams and speed cameras.

GPS has helped enhance many aspects of business as well, most noticeably in the transport, logistics, and taxi industries, due to their many and widespread benefits. Just being able to know where you are and how to get to where you’re going is enough to make GPS a game changer; however, the other benefits make it an essential piece of technology for every long haul journey. Here are some of those other benefits.

Keeps Costs Down

For logistical businesses, a GPS tracking device like the ones offered by Geotab do a lot more than simply track a fleet of vehicles. In fact, operating a company with GPS can help these types of businesses save money and keep costs down. It does this through its sophisticated route mapping, which helps reduce fuel consumption as it guides drivers on the most efficient route to take. The devices themselves are also usually low cost and require very little maintenance, as the satellites used for the system is paid for and maintained by the US Department of Defense.


The police can utilize GPS to keep track of tagged criminals and dangerous individuals so that they know what they’re up to at all times. This can be done through attaching devices to vehicles, but also through ankle bracelets that may be applied to previously convicted felons.

GPS can also be used to discourage regular civilians and workers to steal from companies, making it a good preventative measure to keep our streets safe.

Monitor Family

Most GPS systems can be accessed through a mobile phone, meaning that there are plenty of mobile applications that can be used to help keep tabs of high-risk children and individuals. This means that parents can locate their child and figure out where they are if they’re late from school or can be used to find out if they’re where they said they’re going to be. It’s a great way to keep young family members safe, and the same technology can be applied to pets such as cats, so that you know your feline is also safe in the neighborhood.


Many GPS applications, such as Google maps, can not only show you a map to help you get around, but also suggest keys places of interest within that neighborhood. Using its connection to the massive search engine, Google maps can offer suggestions for places to eat, things to do, as well as nearby gas stations.

This is convenient for people who are new to a local area and don’t know where they should be going. This can make individuals far more confident when navigating an area, which can enhance their trip and make the location where they are far more appealing. It’s also a great way for businesses to advertise and become more discoverable to a wider audience.

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