Simple Ways to Improve Your Website

Has it been a while since you have updated your business website? Could it do with some maintenance? Being active online is essential for any business in the 21st century. As a general rule, particularly for younger generations, if you are not online then you do not exist.

Think about your website as your 24/7 marketing tool. This is something that you should be taking advantage of. Here are some simple ways you can improve your website and reach your intended audience.

Have a Consistent Design

Everyone wants to have an attractive website that has a great design. While it is important to have fun and make your webpages memorable, you also want them to be consistent. They should all complement each other, including featuring your logo and similar colours. It is best to have consistent layouts and design elements too. This is going to keep everything easy for visitors and not cause confusion.

Have a SEO Strategy

Let’s not forget that your website is a marketing tool and it can really help grow and make your business successful. This means that it is best to have a SEO strategy when you are improving your website. You will have to maintain everything from keywords to link building on a regular basis. This is going to improve your search engine ranking and allow most customers to find you. Remember that it can take months to see the results of a SEO and you have to be consistent. It can be better to hire a SEO agency like ClickSlice to help.

Prioritise Page Speeds

We all know that the attention span of visitors is short and you have to make an immediate impact. Tying into this theme, it is important to realise that customers will not wait around for a page to load either. People get impatient and they have high expectations when it comes to technology. If pages on a website do not load almost instantly, they are not going to hang around and they will leave for a competitor.

This means that you have to prioritise page speeds on your website. This is going to ensure that they do not interrupt a user’s experience and make them leave. There are services you can use to check and improve speeds for mobile and desktop users.

Make Hyperlinks Obvious

When you are improving a website, you really have to take it back to basics. You want your webpages to be easy and guide users and this is a principle that applies to hyperlinks. Of course, hyperlinks make things simple for visitors by taking them to another relevant webpage. It can be good when you mention certain products and services. But, you have to make them obvious in your web design.

In order to help users, ensure that all hyperlinks are a different colour from the rest of the text. They can also be underlined too. Another good way to ensure that they are not missed is to simply tell users to click there.

Use Quality Images

Visual content is important for a website. People are not visiting your page because they want to read a novel. Instead, images can be a good way to portray your messages and limit unnecessary information.

While a lot of businesses know this now, they do not realise that using poor-quality images can have the opposite effect they were intending. The same can be said when common stock photos are used. This is actually enough for a website to lose the trust of its customers. Instead, you want to invest time into taking quality images that reflect your brand and business. This is something that can help you connect with visitors and create conversions on your website. Nothing is going to reflect your brand better than real images that you have taken yourself.

Highlight Key Information

You want to ensure that users find all of the information they need on your website. The truth is, you can have fantastic content. But, if it appears to long and complicated, a lot of visitors will switch off. So, a good way to break up content and make key points obvious is to use bullet points. This is going to highlight what they are going to want to know and they can consume this content quickly.

You can also get creative when it comes to using bullet points. Instead of settling for the traditional ones, you can use eye-catching icons and logos. You can have fun and grab a reader’s attention.

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