Review TheWiSpy: Best App for Parents to Keep Children Safe

Around 70% of children are active on the internet every day, the internet is a dangerous world, and kids are the most vulnerable. That is why they face threats the most.  With growing teens, as a parent, it gets impossible to control their internet activity. If you feel your kid is suffering from cyberbullying or online predation, then you should help them.

If you’re unaware of the problems, you should educate yourself on the common threats and issues kids face online. Their privacy and safety are being compromised because of their unnecessary use of intelligent devices. Internet is a good thing in most cases, but it can exploit kids’ mental health.

What kind of threats kids face online:

Here are some common and most harmful threats that kids of this generation face.

1.     Cyberbullying:

Thanks to the internet, bad people or bullies don’t have to access kids in person; they can easily harass them online such as through social media apps. Cyberbullying means to intrude in someone’s personal space without or without their consent and harass them. In today’s world, it is one of the biggest threats for teens.

2.     Manipulation of private information:

Teens have social media accounts, and they are active all day on the internet. On these accounts, they post their personal life and have private information. When kids let strangers connect with them, they take advantage of their innocence.

3.     Unsuitable content:

Internet is ample space, and there is all sort of data. Kids can educate themselves or approach unethical content. As they grow old, children search adult content online that can harm their mental health. Such websites can influence them badly and they end up making bad choices.

4.     Falling for scams:

Frauds are pervasive online; multiple types of scams target children and teenagers according to individual personality. There are different sources such as email scams, false information, or convincing them into fraudulent opportunities. It can lead them to more significant problems such as their data is risked, money loss, and many more.

How can parents protect their kids?

The most asked question from parents is how to provide a secure online environment for their kids. The first thing is educating them about such threats and teaching them how to handle them in the first place. But managing young children is not that easy, and that’s why there are other solutions.

Control their internet usage:

You can control what your kids are approaching, such as ensure they follow screen time restrictions and avoid bad people influence. You can manually ask them or keep an eye on them, but it’s not possible all the time. Android monitoring apps are the best way to control teens and keep them secure.

Get an app to monitor kid’s phone:

You can install an app to spy android smartphones, and it will provide access to every detail on the device remotely. You don’t have to go through the trouble of accessing their cell phone, just activate controlling features and start monitoring. It’s the best way to keep them away from online threats and make their environment clean from strangers. But the problem is which app to choose that can offer the most results in minimum time.

TheWiSpy- Best parental control app:

TheWiSpy is the best parental control app, its vast features and advanced functionality that offer security plans for parents. It allows you to manage your kid’s online activity and keep them safe from extreme online dangers.

You don’t require technical knowledge to run the app because THEWISPY has a user-friendly interface that helps you monitor easily. It is highly compatible and accessible to parents across the globe. You can get heads-ups when your kid is in danger.

Unbeatable parental controls:

TheWiSpy offers unbeatable controls for parents that help them set restrictions remotely and ease their way for good parenting. Here are some most demanded and reliable features.

Tracking call history:

If your kid is on call for hours in a day, then there is something that he’s hiding. Indeed they won’t allow you in their secret, but with the help of TheWiSpy call history tracking, you can secretly check on them. It will provide the details about calls such as contact number, name, duration, and how often they contacted.

Internet access control:

Internet is a vast place where all sort of content is available, but there are certain things you don’t want your children to explore, such as inappropriate content. You can now control their internet access and usage with the help of the best parental control app. It allows you to restrict and block web pages.

SMS spy:

It is not hidden that teens are on their phones texting with friends and even strangers. They are indeed not mature enough to identify evil people, but you can. Spy on their SMS conversations with the help of this advanced feature. It will view chats and allow you to block people remotely.

GPS location monitoring:

It is likely for parents to worry about their children location and who they are hanging out with. With the help of GPS location monitoring, you’ll receive real-time updates on where are your kids. You require initiating the feature and start tracking them down.

Surround conversation recording:

If you have doubts about your child meeting strangers and not telling you they’re being harassed, you can help them—record live conversations through hidden microphone recorder to monitor kid’s phone by using surround recording. You will generate the feature, and the best microphone will start recording.


You don’t want to risk your teen’s security by letting them go to the wrong places, and then you can do that with the help of the TheWiSpy android monitoring app. You can block a particular area by activating the geofencing feature. When the target leaves the allocated premises, an instant alert will send to the folks.

Remote access to stored information:

You can’t restrict kids from something until you’re sure about it. You can approach the stored files and data on the phone to keep your child secure from the evil world.

Picture capturing spy:

If your kid is being harassed and you want to help him, use TheWiSpy picture capturing spies. It will click live pictures of the scene; you can use these photos as proof to show to the police or get perpetrators away from the kids.

Voice note recording:

Voice note is the advanced form of short messages to record your message and send using chatting apps. You can listen to these messages rather than viewing, use TheWiSpy best parental control app’s feature.

Video recording spy:

You can watch stored videos on the spied app using the video recording feature of TheWiSpy android monitoring app. It will record the whole video first and then send the file to your account in excellent quality.

Wi-Fi logs monitoring:

TheWiSpy Wi Fi monitoring app allows parents to monitor Wi-Fi logs, and it contains information about which networks are connected with the device. And it offers data of what is the duration of each connection and which locations etc.

App spying:

Social and gaming apps have played a massive role in running the mental health of children. Excessive use and adult content are addictive for them. As a parent, you can control the usage of these apps by using the best spy app to monitor android.

TheWiSpy- price package:

TheWiSpy has affordable price plans for parents, and you can get one that fits your need. Here is another reason why TheWiSpy is the best parental control app to monitor kid’s phones.

Standard package:

You can start monitoring your kid using the standard package; it is available for $19.99 only. It has advanced features and unlimited advantages for parents to control their children.

Starter package:

If you’re new to spying, you are then starting with a small package so you can get a hold of it. The starter package is only $9.99. If you want to use TheWiSpy best app to monitor android, it’s the perfect choice for you.

Premium package:

If you have long term plan on monitoring, then the premium package is a better option for you. It has all the advanced features. You can start spying with this plan for $29.99 only.

Concluding thoughts:

Parents’ primary job is to keep their kids safe from outside danger; you might get overwhelmed once you know their problems. But you can help them with the help of TheWiSpy best parental monitoring app. It has highly advanced functions that offer security solutions and prevention for significant problems. You can protect your child at affordable pricing and by sitting in your room because TheWiSpy works remotely.

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