4 Clothing Apps That Can Help You Stay Trendy

Clothing trends keep changing every day. To keep up with today’s trends, you need to have a platform to give you the fashion inspiration you need, and who can do the job better than a clothing application?

These apps offer fashion inspiration while also guiding you to fashionable clothing that also happens to be budget-friendly. The best part about shopping from these clothing apps is that you can window shop all day without straining yourself physically. Moreover, these clothing apps make it easier to avail discounts using unique features.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can always open the app and look for inspiration to style your existing wardrobe in a new way.

Here are the top 4 apps that will keep you updated with everyday fashion trends on a budget.


Amazon Fashion is an A-lister as it has boosted its fashion game lately. You can find a new affordable collection of dresses, leggings, and purses constantly. Moreover, the clothing range is from renowned designers, coming up with their latest drops, deals, and sales.

Besides this, if you’re looking out for a particular type of clothing like chinos and shorts, it will help you know the price and more before you buy it.

One worry that bothers people while shopping online is whether the piece would fit them or not. Amazon Prime Wardrobe has solved that for you too. It allows you to try clothing you like for free.


ASOS is one of the most loved clothing brands. Now, their app has made the online shopping experience even better. It offers regular updates about the brand’s affordable, on-trend pieces, helping users find great deals and offers on some choice products.

In addition, you can look through special collections anytime you want. The app also exclusively picks featured items for you; these are displayed in the “Your Edit” tab.


Thrifting is in as people Marie Kondo their closets and try to reduce, reuse and recycle what they can. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that thrift stores are homes to affordable treasures.

That explains the growing popularity of online buying and selling on thrift platforms like ThredUp.

You can find clothing for every season on ThredUp. So if you want to refresh your wardrobe, ThredUp can assist you with that. Moreover, the payment process is easy and the customer service is great. If you ordered something you don’t like, you could chat with the customer support representative, and he will process your return.


This app is also suitable for people who are looking for trendy clothes while staying within the budget. You can buy and sell clothes on this platform at discounted prices regardless of what piece you have, whether it’s streetwear or a vintage clothing piece.

Another way to grab the best pieces from Depop is by following influencers who wear your size. The reason is that influencers are more likely to sell less worn items of trendy clothing for way less price.


You don’t have to waste time browsing store racks in person because now there’s an app (or several) for that. These clothing apps can save you a significant amount of money and keep you on-trend. In addition, they help you rediscover your old wardrobe in a new way and allow you to sell your old pieces and buy new ones.  So, download these apps to save more and stay chic!

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