Power Words That Can Increase Your Sales

A desire to increase sales is what keeps many business owners up at night. The business landscape is highly competitive, with prominent brands flexing their financial muscles for market dominance. With an effective content and marketing plan, you can turn the tide. The secret lies in the power of words.

Communication is the pillar of any marketing strategy, and it is what defines success in this undertaking. Whatever channel you use, be it mainstream media or social networking platforms, the phrasing of your messaging should be on point. Here are a few suggestions you can use to magnetize your message.

Last chance

These two power words highlight a sense of urgency and can help your message shoot straight to the hippocampus of your customers. This phrase stimulates the non-reasoning and emotional part of their mind.

Psychologists believe that for customers, the fear of missing out is much more effective than the promise of a benefit or gain. For instance, diamonds are not rare or valuable, except for DeBeers’ scarcity marketing techniques in the 19th century.


Lifetime is a reassurance word with powerful influence, especially later in the sales funnel. At the point when they are just about to make up their mind, it would help to use assuring words such as lifetime, guaranteed, dependable, or money back, among others. These are trust-building words. They can help you stand out from competitors in your niche.

For you

For you, or a related phrase is as captivating as it is inspiring for customers. These words reiterate that you have their interest at heart and that you understand their wants and goals. So, instead of a self-inflationary kind of advertisement copy, shift the focus to the consumers.

The ‘You’ part is also conversational, relatable, and strikes a strong bond of friendship in your customers’ psyche.


Imagine is a power word with hypnotic capabilities. It softens the mind and melts all objections to what comes next. Imagine signifies a gentle nudge into a possibility where reasoning is not necessarily required. In a way, you get to bypass the part of your customer’s brains that asks questions such as ‘why,’ ‘what’s in it for me’ and whatnot.


This is another equally magnetic word that can draw your customer into an eager state, waiting for what comes next. On its own, it shows that you are a part of their life and understand their life journeys. Whatever stage at your sales funnel, using ‘remember’ sets precedence and prepares the ground for something new and exciting.


Most marketers prefer to use ‘try’ instead of ‘buy.’ The latter is more aggressive and might turn off customers. Try, on the other hand, is subtle and nudges rather than pushes. It is mostly used in soft marketing techniques, which today perform better than hard sale strategies.


Everyone wants what they don’t have. Your marketing copy should, therefore, show that what you are offering is that which no one has; that it is new, refreshing, and non-conventional. Other words you can use for a similar impact include New, Insider, and Forbidden. These words absorb attention and stimulate action through curiousness.


It implies that your customers have nothing to lose when they try whatever you are offering. This word burns through all the walls customers often have against marketing messages. Consumers are always looking for a chance to get something for nothing. When your marketing message promises that opportunity, they won’t help but stare.

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Except for a few instances where customers buy impulsively; on most occasions, the customer journey involves a lot of thinking. They weigh reasons against and for your offerings. They debate what-ifs and whys. ‘Because’ is a word that can help speed along this process in your favor. The word also positions your brand as a figure of authority and a source of knowledge and certainty.

As seen above, the best marketing words to increase sales for you should be engaging. They should absorb attention, bypass psychological walls, and appeal to the subconscious.

If you think we have missed a power word, please don’t hesitate to mane it.

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