How to Engage Your Audience With Instagram Stories in 5 Steps

Easy to create and watch, Instagram stories are steadily growing in popularity. To those who are new to Instagram and want to know how to use it, we suggest checking out Instagram growth strategies from SimplyGram, the service which is well versed with Instagram marketing and how it should be done for the best results. Instagram stories are considered the best and most cost-effective method to engage with your audience as per many social media experts. They are in tune with Instagram’s mission statement that says “to capture and share the world’s moments. If you want to dive deeper into Instagram, read about Instagram’s mission.

As a social media marketing tool, the role of Instagram is immense, making it one of the social media platforms you definitely need to be on. However, just being on it is not enough, and you need to ensure that you consistently create content and stories that will keep your audience interested and engaged. In this article, get a better insight into how to use Instagram successfully as part of your marketing strategies and engage with your audience.

  1. Craft a complete story

Make sure that the message you are trying to convey through Instagram Stories has a proper beginning, middle, and end. Don’t have sudden beginnings or unfinished endings, which may end up confusing and disappointing the viewer. This could lead to people avoiding your posts and worse even stop following your account.

  1. Use strong visuals

Instagram is all about images and videos; so the better they are, the more powerful impact they have on your audience. Every image and visual in the story should impress the viewer and make him want for more. A strong visual experience can also help you bond well with your target audience, inspiring brand loyalty.  Use captions, stickers, and screenshots suitably. Also, make stories interactive with Q/A sessions, Polls, and Quiz.

  1. Maintain a consistent look

Make sure that the visuals of your stories are consistent and in line with your overall corporate branding. If your brand is known for a sober and corporate look, make sure that you maintain the same so that your audience does not get confused and can identify you clearly from all the other brands. Maintaining a standard identity will help you stand out from others and also make you familiar with your audience.

  1. Post stories that work

Use Instagram analytics to identify the content format and type of post that works for your brand and then create more of it. If your audience identifies more with posts featuring product benefits, you can go for more such content. Also, check whether videos or static images have more engagement for your brand so that you can create similar formats.

  1. Have a posting schedule

Your audience expects you to post regularly and not randomly, whenever you feel like it. So, make sure you maintain a proper content calendar and schedule your post regularly and on all important dates.

Instagram engagement is all about being consistent and creative

The most appealing stories released regularly are the right steps towards engaging your audience consistently and building a loyal fan following. Make sure you pay attention to all the basics of design and aesthetics while creating your content to enhance its appeal and engagement.

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