5 Steps You Need To Follow When Reaching Out To a Blogger

Blogger outreach is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience and put your brand in front of a large set of readers. While the benefits it provides truly exceed the expectations of many businessmen, it doesn’t mean that you should carelessly spend your money.

If you want to get the most of your marketing campaigns, you need to follow different things like getting in touch with the best guest posting agency so that you have enough content to post on different blogs. On top of that, you need to find the best blogger out there so that you can use that content.

In this article, I am going to highlight some important steps that you need to follow when finding a blogger for your brand. So, without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Establish a Good Relationship

Blogger outreach is all about establishing a good relationship with the best bloggers in your niche and then using that relationship to your advantage. After you have recognized the best bloggers in your niche, here is how you can take your relationship to the next level.

  • Follow Them on Social Media

Bloggers and influencers are mostly active on multiple online channels where they continuously post content about themselves and their brand. The very first thing that you must do is to ensure that you follow them on different social media platforms by commenting on their posts.

  • Share Their Content

You can also develop a good relationship with them by sharing the content they post on your own feed. By engaging in active discussion about topics they are interested in, you can make them see that you are someone worth talking to.

  • Acknowledge Them

One of the most important things that a blogger loves is attention. If you want him to recognize you, you should acknowledge their presence. Commend them on their achievements and make sure that you appreciate them by showing genuine interest.

Make Initial Contact

Once you are successful in helping the bloggers understand that you are someone worth connecting with, you need to make the initial offer. You have to be direct with your offer as you are starting a professional journey that might extend to a long period.

  • Message Them on Social Media Pages

After you have created a good image in their eyes, the next step is making contact. As you would have probably established a relationship with them on a social media page, you should reach out to them on social media so that they can recognize you.

  • Reach Out to Their Personal Email

Another professional way to contact a blogger is to communicate an offer on his personal email. To make sure that the blogger finds your email interesting, you need to devise a perfect sales pitch that doesn’t sound too cheesy or template-like.

  • Ask the Right Questions

Last but not least, before you turn your relationship into a professional one, you need to be able to trust the blogger. So, you should ask all the questions that you have in mind regarding your partnership to make everything clear at the start.

Devise a Good Offer

After you have successfully made contact with the blogger, you need to determine an appropriate offer so that the relationship is beneficial for everyone. Your collaboration is going to depend on lots of different factors.

  • Define Your Goals

Before you determine the rate at which you are going to pay the blogger for his services, you need to determine your short-term and long-term goals. The results of your blogger outreach campaign depend upon the followers of your bloggers, which is why you need to think ahead.

  • Look for Long-Term Relationships

When you contact a blogger, your aim should be to develop and look for long-term relationships rather than a one-off contract. You are going to receive lots of discounts in the future, and a good relationship with a reputable blogger means that you develop trustworthiness for others.

  • Be Considerate

Realistically, if you want to connect with a high DA blogger, you should be ready to pay a huge amount of money to him. Before you make any kind of offer, you should take this fact into account and ensure that you are not paying below or above the amount you should be.

Be Upfront about Everything

The best blogger outreach programs are created on the sole idea of developing a good relationship with a blogger. To make sure that there is no confusion in the future, you should be upfront about all your expectations. Here is how you can achieve it:

  • Get Everything in Writing

It doesn’t matter how much you trust the blogger; the terms and conditions of your partnerships should be in writing so that everyone knows it. You should create a solid contract that contains all the goals you expect to achieve and the money you are paying for the services rendered.

  • Communicate Your Needs

You have to remember that you are hiring a blogger, not a fortune teller who is able to read your mind. If you have some plans for the outreach plan, you should directly convey them to the people in charge of your campaign so that they can guide you.

  • Be Direct and Clear

There is no reason to beat around the bush when you want to develop professional partnerships. Instead of creating confusion, you need to be clear and communicate with the blogger properly so that he understands what’s expected of him.

Measure the Results and Follow Up

One of the greatest things about blogger outreach and other digital marketing campaigns is that you can actually measure their success. You need to take advantage of this feature and use the results in future ventures so that you grow with time.

  • Use the Right Tools

There are lots of different tools available in the market that help businesses identify the success of their outreach campaigns. You can make use of these tools like BuzzStream to find out how much traffic you were receiving before the campaign and how much traffic you receive after the campaign.

  • Determine Whether the Relationship Was a Success

The last and most important part of blogger outreach is determining whether it was a success or not. If you feel like your partnership with the blogger isn’t working as well as you would have liked, you can simply end it professionally and move on.

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