How Does Transcription Help You? A Guide for Markers

Marketing is a crucial and indispensable aspect of any thriving business. People are readily considering its use to change the outlook of their companies and maximize user appeal for their work. This motivating factor drives them to explore possibilities with unique and unusual marketing strategies and achieve the best possible outcomes. However, choosing from the diverse options and identifying the relevance of each one of them requires some thought.

A blooming alternative in the marketing industry is video transcription at this point. It’s amassing significant attention from several marketers due to its puzzling yet promising results. The trends suggest that video marketing is efficient, effective, and user friendly in itself. It’s easy to grasp that it trumps all other forms of marketing. While transcribing it with texts, a concept that might sound like going back to the Stone Age, is refining it in unconventional ways.

Video transcription and translation, and even subtitling services are beneficial for video marketing for a number of different reasons. What are transcription services and why does your business need them? The video transcription services allow for those who watch videos with the audio turned off to still enjoy the full experience of the video, even in crowded or noisy locations. It is estimated that 60 percent of all businesses use video marketing. It is estimated that on facebook, more than 80 percent of videos are watched without sound. Unfortunately perhaps, at present, the automated video transcription services are not very effective. Using video translation and transcription services will help you to ensure that your message gets out to the intended audience , no matter where they see the video.

More people are considering this practice and integrating it into their marketing strategies to enhance the outcomes and maximize their reach. The fruits of its success have even encouraged many platforms to work on programming a transcription tool or software. That overcomes the shortcomings of working on it manually and writing this for your videos.

So if the question you are asking is how to transcribe your videos, the answer is easy. Just reach out of people offering their services in this department, or get an online tool to help you in this regard. The nuances are likely to be the same as you’d experience in any text to speech software, but machine learning is there to refine its results for you over time.

Are you wondering if you could use this feature to your advantage and gain something in the process? Well, thinking won’t get you anywhere, so you should try it for yourself. Here are some ways that video transcription can help you to get you motivated for it.


Statistics suggest that not everyone can enjoy all forms of media and interact with it due to their physical limitations and abnormalities. This claim refers to the visually impaired or deaf population. Aiming to connect with them using videos with sounds and flashy isn’t going to achieve anything for you.

It is the part where you can be more sensitive and use video transcriptions to enhance your accessibility to all groups and factions. You can expect to cover that part of the community as well and ensure that your marketing campaign in flawless in every way.


A picture is better than a thousand words. If there’s any merit to that, then a video should have that effect multiplied by a million. But fortunately, you can’t expect everyone to draw the same meaning or inspiration from it. What may appear funny and casual to you might be offensive for a particular group community. Similarly, it’s not rare for individuals to find random and absurd meanings behind various media representations.

Video transcription is the best way to avoid this from happening. It gives you a chance to elaborate yourself using words and align the motivation of your viewers or listeners with the intended meaning of your work.

Additionally, you can use it to clarify your stance on subjects and avoid getting into any legal or social controversies. Having transcriptions provides you with an adequate line of defense against all this and keeps the muss to a minimum.


Search engines aren’t smart enough to decipher and sort your video content based on user search queries, at least not yet. You need to provide them with words in the form of names, descriptions, and transcriptions to help drive your content to the top of results.

Using popular keywords and phrases related to your business optimizes your content. It classifies it as the more relevant result to various search queries and can get more traffic to your webpage. This level of SEO-optimization is impossible for visual media alone.

Also, video is more compact and direct when compared with a written piece of text. If that’s all that you are offering to your users, then you can’t expect them to spend more time on your website. Adding video transcriptions can help change that and keep them engaged for long.


Facebook and YouTube, the two social media giants, have already started the practice of playing videos without sounds. The results highlight that it has substantially increased the number of people watching them, and there are reasonable explanations for it.

People prefer using these apps while waiting, trying to avoid an unwanted gathering, or in the free time when they want some peace of mind. Not everyone will be like that, but there’s a good number of people out there who will agree. As bad as that sounds, it might cripple your marketing campaign.

Adding video transcriptions to your content can help overcome this limitation and still get your message across to them. People can easily read them while standing in a crowded place without the need to pull out their headphones. And because users don’t have to wait to read them, they can quickly skim through them even if they don’t watch your video.


Besides all this, there are multiple other uses for adding transcriptions. You can choose to compile your podcast content in a written form and turn it into an eBook for your listeners. You can use the same practice for publishing blog articles and guides.

Plus, narratives are always better spoken than written. Use transcriptions to your advantage in this case and consider them for publishing social media posts, email campaigns, and user guides. They can do wonders for you and bring new elements to your work, which you otherwise would only consider but never implement.


These are the prominent ways in which transcriptions can help your marketing campaigns and make you a more effective marketer to dominate the competition. It sure is a tedious job to perform, but with the help of technology, you can minimize that factor and implement it with ease. Trying has never harmed anyone, and betting on the chance that it can work in your favor, makes it worth the effort.

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