From Amazon to Ali Express: How to Stand Out in the eCommerce World

Everyone talks about the ease of online shopping and eCommerce capabilities, but fewer people discuss the challenges and fatigue that comes with keeping a fresh and stand-out eCommerce presence. With the number of shopping platforms doubling, there has never been a greater need to be relevant and present an identity that your customers want to interact with, and ideally convert on. From Amazon to Ali Express, let’s discuss how you can stand out in the eCommerce world.

Web scraping

If web scraping seems too easy, it really is. Web scraping is when you manually or automatically trawl web pages to gather information for analysis. The data you can scrape using an Ali Express scraper is seemingly infinite, but price, keyword and product reviews appear to be the information that is of most value to eCommerce scrapers. From this extracted data, you can begin to analyse patterns and build a comprehensive picture of your customers buying behaviour and what they are indeed searching for. This is an incredible tool to have in your arsenal, as you can make changes to your product inventory and store layout, knowing what your customers are looking for.

Photo and video content

When we discuss content, there is a misunderstanding that we could only mean written content. When it comes to eCommerce your imagery is going to be a very influential element in a customers decision-making process, so don’t skimp out here. Two photos showcasing the front and back of a product is not good enough, you also need to include detail shots, the hardware, the inside of the product, an image depicting scale, and even a couple of lifestyle images with the product being used in the real world. You want to tell a story with your product imagery, and you shouldn’t rule out video content as an option either. ASOS has done a fine job of using videos for their products, with models walking the catwalk wearing the clothes, shoes or accessories to give an idea of how it looks and sits on a human body when moving. Bringing life to your eCommerce imagery is a sure-fire way to stand out.

Learn from your product reviews and FAQ’s

Let your customers tell you what is the best and worst feature of your products, and build your product descriptions around these insights. If you are selling wallets and you get five questions a day asking how many cards the wallet can fit – it might be time to add that information to your product descriptions. Keeping this information off your page will create a roadblock between your customer and a sale, and you want this journey to be as frictionless as possible. You can also gain some content gold from your product reviews. If you find that your customers are pleased with the shape, quality or design of the product, incorporate that into your product review. You might find that the customers buying your blazers are so pleased that there are inside pockets that are big enough for a phone – capture that and put it forefront for your product descriptions.

There are many ways to make your eCommerce business stand out, but how do you know which strategy to take and where to invest your time? Starting with scraping, photography and improved product descriptions will set you off on the right course, and may even result in some instant conversions. Always be putting yourself in the customer’s mindset – “would I be able to make a decision based on this product page, and what do I wish I saw when I landed on this page?” If you feel you are too biased, have your friends and family visit the page and give you some feedback based on their experience.

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