Taking Care of Your Home with Home Monitoring System

If you are planning a relaxing holiday, it is extremely important that before you leave, you have ensured that your home is protected. There are a few essential steps that you can take to be sure you can rest easy on your well-deserved vacation, without having to worry about your home and the possessions in it. The home monitoring system is very useful to ensure home protection. We have put together a simple guide for taking care of your home while you are away for your convenience.

Protect your Home with a Home Monitoring System

This is the best way to ensure that you can have peace of mind on your vacation. There are many different home monitoring system to choose from that can even provide the convenience of being able to check up on things remotely through a live video. Even though this kind of service may sound quite pricey, there are plenty of affordable security systems available that you could consider. Alarm Relay is one company that offers a variety of alluring security features that can keep your home protected 24/7, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your vacations.

Second best to have a good home security system is actually advertising it. By putting up posters and/or stickers that advertise the security company that is protecting your home you will most definitely be informing intruders that they are being watched and that your home will be a difficult target. It would be a wise idea to place the posters or stickers strategically at the obvious entrance and exit points surrounding your home such as your front and back doors.

Make Use of Outdoor Sensor Lights

If you already have outdoor sensor lights, you should ensure that they are in perfect working order. However, if you do not have this important security feature in place at your home, installing it should not be too pricey and it will definitely help to protect your home and ward off intruders. Outdoor sensor lights can provide security throughout the year, not just when you are away on vacation. It would be a great idea to set up a timer for your indoor lights to have them turn on and off at certain times of the day, giving the illusion that there are occupants in your home.

Hide Your Valuables

It is essential that you should hide all your most valuable items such as jewelry and money away in a safe. If you do not have a safe and are not too keen on investing in one, another option is to hide your valued items in unthought of places such as in the bathroom cupboards, kitchen drawers, and other unusual places.

Set Your Garage Door to Manual Lock

It is quite a well-known fact that garage door remotes and even your car remotes can be hacked by more skilled criminals. By disconnecting your garage door and using a manual lock, you can avoid the possibility of burglars being able to enter through your garage after either hacking it or using a universal garage remote.

Give Your Spare Key to a Friend or Family Member

You should never leave your spare key hidden anywhere, even for your own convenience. Leaving a spare key that is accessible will definitely leave an opportunity for intruders to locate the key and enter your home. It would be far wiser to leave your spare key with a trusted friend or family member and ask them to visit your home every couple of days to ensure that everything is still as it should be and they could also assist with routine tasks such as watering your plants for you.

Stop Mail and Newspaper from Being Delivered

While your trusted friend or family member could also help out by collecting your newspapers and mail for you while you are away, you could also opt to contact your newspaper service and fill out a mail-hold form. Unfortunately, if newspapers and mail are piling up near your door, criminals note that you have not been home for a period of time and your home could then be a target.

Are Home Monitoring Systems Really Effective?

There are various undeniable reasons why home monitoring system such as Alarm Relay systems can effectively protect your home whether you are away on vacation or not. Home security systems offer a variety of essential security features that will ensure your home is under surveillance even when you are not there. The most definite way to keep your home and possessions safe is to have a security system installed by a reliable company; a small investment for unlimited peace of mind.

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