Coolest Car Gadgets to Bring Your Wheels into the Future

The future cars and trucks are anticipated to have advanced technologies and devices that will help drivers in their daily driving. Some of these are purely designed for safety, while others for convenience or for comfort. Fortunately, manufacturers have created devices that are compatible with older vehicle models and bring your wheels into the future.

The choices are numerous, and it depends on what you want to have in your vehicle. Is it a next-generation head unit, GPS or a smart camera? Let’s have a look at some of the coolest gadgets that will definitely transform your machine for the future.

GPS Tracking Systems

Although this technology has been in use for many years now, more and more drivers are seeing the advantages of having their vehicles’ locations tracked in real time by professional companies. In case of a problem, they can press a panic button and get assistance from professionals. Likewise, fleet companies track their vehicles in real time for many reasons. If you have not yet installed a GPS, it is time to think about it.

Dashboard Camera and Rear-View Camera

Installation of cameras is changing the experience for drivers when driving their cars. If you are used to making deliveries on narrow streets or navigating through busy and dangerous roads, you cannot live without these devices. A dashboard camera is now used to capture accident scenes, robberies and other incidents to help in investigations. On the other hand, a rear-view camera and sensor is a handy gadget when reversing your car in congested streets or parking lots.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

We all know that both Google and Apple are the best smartphone OS creators. But now they have taken their game to another level by producing operating systems for vehicle head units with amazing capabilities. The good thing is that they continue to upgrade their software and that all you need is to connect your head unit to a Wi-Fi hotspot and update your HU’s software. You can call, browse and send various reports through the HU if you are a fleet driver. When combined with solutions from the EyeRide website, fleet drivers will have next-generation vehicles on their hands.

Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Adapter

There is a need to stay in communication as you drive your vehicle to work, business meetings or other errands as a fleet driver. But it is very risky to use your phone while driving, and some countries do not allow this. However, a Bluetooth adapter solves all of this because you can communicate without having to touch your phone. A voice-controlled Bluetooth adaptor means you will not even have to move your hands and eyes from where they are supposed to be.

Power Inverter

Most standard vehicles are now coming with a dedicated 12V port, where you can plug in many devices like an air compressor, vacuum cleaner, portable washer, and many others. But still, you may have other devices that require AC power like your laptop and chargers. You can buy a DC to AC power inverter designed for vehicles to enjoy this convenience. Once you do this, you will not want to live without it in your car anymore.

Car Wi-Fi Router

It is true that people cannot survive without the internet in the future. So, why not modernize your car to have a Wi-Fi hotspot for you and the passengers. Most cellular service providers have routers that are designed for vehicles, and all you need is to insert a sim card and subscribe to one of their various data packages. As soon as it is on, your vehicle becomes a moving hotspot.

Windshield Display Projector

If you can recall, this feature has been featured in many Sci-Fi movies. But now, it is becoming a reality. Vehicles can display the speed and other information right in front of the driver on the windshield. These projectors come with different capabilities, and it is up to you to decide the one you will get. Choose one with many features and that does not cause distractions as you drive.


There are many devices that will take your wheels into the future. These are some of the coolest that we have today. Better still, you can read more from the web about what others are out there. They will indeed modernize your car now and in the future.

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