7 Best and Free Time Tracking Software in 2019

Whether you’re working on your own or you’re managing a large team, time tracking can give you a major boost in productivity. By knowing how much time is actually given to each task, you can figure out which tasks are the most time-consuming and free yourself from distractions that slow down your progress. On the practical side, if you’re part of a business, it also becomes easier to check billable hours and invoice correctly.

All in all, time tracking makes your life much easier, which translates directly to increased efficiency and profit. Thanks to technology, you can automate this with only a few clicks.

7 Free Time Tracking Software

We’ve compiled the best time tracking apps, from long-time favorite Hubstaff to Tmetric for flexible schedules, so you can maximize work performance this 2019:


Effective for both solo users and workplace teams, Hubstaff lets you track activities and work hours. Aside from running a timer, it monitors each user’s screen activity and opened websites and apps. There’s even the option to take random screenshots! Hubstaff then generates detailed reports for each user and the team as a whole based on these data, and businesses can go straight to invoicing. An added feature is accurate GP tracking for teams on the move as well as integration with popular platforms such as Asana and Trello.
Pricing: Free for one user with time tracking and limited screenshots


Clockify stands out as a time tracker because it’s 100% free for teams of all sizes, without ads or trial periods. It’s simple and user-friendly, with tracking of employee timesheets and billable hours. Each user can choose whether to use an online timer to automatically record their time or enter their work hours in a timesheet at the end of the day. On the project management side, users can also observe their project progress and budget anytime and obtain reports with a visual breakdown.
Pricing: Free for unlimited users and projects


Many project managers opt for TimeCamp, which excels at combining time tracking with billing and invoicing features. Through a unique formula, it can calculate the total rate for billable tasks and create invoices instantly. Managers can also create project subtasks and delegate each task to different users. Computer usage is automatically tracked for each user, complete with a productivity analysis and weekly email reports. Combined with smooth integrations with other apps, TimeCamp blends seamlessly into a regular workflow.
Pricing: Free for one user with time tracking


Tmetric is a straightforward tracker designed for both freelancers and companies. Task management is easy because you can set rates on everything and track expenses against a budget, with detailed time and money reports ready within seconds. Teams with flexible schedules don’t have to worry because Tmetric can track attendance, working hours, and overtime. Another plus point is you can integrate it with dozens of platforms such as Asana and Trello.
Pricing: Free for up to five users with time tracking and unlimited projects


Timeneye is ideal for small teams that want to streamline time management on projects. It uses an intuitive calendar layout where you can assign maximum times to users, and you can track your own time either through a built-in timer or manual entries. Aside from basic management features such as budget comparisons and billable hour tracking, it offers various ways to organize your work, including dividing projects into phases such as ideation and delivery.
Pricing: Free for one user with unlimited projects


Toggl makes time tracking near effortless with a nifty timer that lets you record time with a single button click. It even has a built-in Pomodoro Timer, so you can work in intensely focused intervals and take breaks in between. It’s conveniently accessible on all devices, and the browser extension makes time tracking available for more than 100 online tools. Toggl’s advanced features include automated timesheet management and advanced business intelligence reports.
Pricing: Free for up to five users


Tsheets is recommended for managers keeping track of how employees spend their time on tasks. In addition to time tracking, managers can arrange schedules by tasks or by shifts, with instant alerts to let everyone on the team know about schedule changes. There’s also a module that factors in pay rates and overtime rules and calculations, and GPS mapping shows the physical location of employees at the moment, which can be useful for mobile teams.
Pricing: Free for one user

It’s 2019, and there are tons of free apps for time tracking. We’ve listed some of the best out there, backed by reviews from long-term users over the years. Although all of them have time tracking as their core functionality, they vary widely in terms of advanced features, design, target market, and premium pricing, so it’s up to you to try them out and figure what works best for you and your business.

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