6 Best Translation Apps in 2021

Language barriers have been a serious issue for a very long time and still hold this status. Lots of people still don’t have access to linguistic education and those that do, don’t always use this wonderful opportunity. And even if they do, not everyone is capable of learning a few new languages. The question remains, how many languages can one person learn and whether will that be effective enough? It’s hard to tell.

Nevertheless, we manage to eliminate that barrier slowly and steadily using our latest technology. Indeed, modern translation apps vary largely and fit perfectly into your phone yet can help a lot. Perhaps, the only problem with them is the issue of choice.

Choosing the Right App

Quantity does not mean quality, it’s an obvious fact. Still, even if the high quality is confirmed by lots of people, it doesn’t mean that the app you researched will work well for you. The thing about translation apps is that there are lots and lots of them, so they might vary not only in their capabilities but also in their major purpose.

Some apps are designed for general translations, and they can be used as dictionaries, speech-to-text converters, or even enhanced traveling apps that can be used to get some additional information about the country of the language you use. And there are, of course, apps that serve only one of the purposes mentioned above. We asked a few experts from TheWordPoint to find out which apps they use professionally and for leisure. Here are a few of them.

6 Best Translation Apps in 2021

#1. Google Translate

A translation engine powered by Google gets some bad rap, but recently it seems to be regarded more positively. Aside from offering over 100 languages, this universal app is also capable of learning, so the translations are becoming better over time.

#2. Microsoft Translator

Another powerful universal app that serves a multitude of purposes as well. Working with over 70 languages for text translation, Microsoft Translator works well with images and speech-to-text translations that can recognize different voices in a conversation.

#3. iTranslate

Similar to the previous two, iTranslate is another giant among translation apps approved by professionals and users alike. With the basic version being available for free, the app supports 100 languages, can translate phrases and common idioms and contains some additional options. An advanced version available at a reasonable price enhances your experiences offering speech-to-text and image translations, offline mode, and verb conjugations.

#4. SayHi

A great and free app designed to work with speech-to-text translation. The app supports 90 languages, works well with voice translation, supports two different voices, and can even work in noisy places for your convenience. Being available for free, this app is the best choice for those who work primarily with speech-to-text translations.

#5. TextGrabber

Another narrowly designed app, TextGrabber is the best one for camera translations. On top of working almost perfectly with image translations, this app also offers pretty decent speech-to-text translation and supports 60 languages in an offline mode. Considering that this app is available for free, this is definitely a must-have for your travels.

#6. TripLingo

If you need more than just a translation app, then TripLingo will work perfectly for you. Aside from working as a cross-platform pocket translator, this app can also provide some useful and interesting information for all travelers. If you need, you can always pick one of 100 different countries and download the information pack about it. You’ll find some information about local culture, useful phrases, idioms, and more. Another must-have for international trips.

Using the Right App

Even if you manage to find an app that you really like and that suits your needs completely, it still might not be enough. It’s important to understand and be able to predict your needs in the future. For example, if you know you’re going to travel soon, it’s reasonable to download not only a basic translation and dictionary app but also some text and speech recognizing applications that will help you on-the-go. After all, our life is dynamic and is constantly changing, so knowing what you might need the next day is a skill everyone in the modern world must possess.

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