5 Top Translation Apps For Business Traveling

One of the most challenging aspects of business traveling is making sure that your foreign partners understand you and that you are not going to miss an important meeting because of not knowing how to explain things to the taxi driver or that nice lady at the hotel reception desk. While knowing a foreign language might not be one of your skills, it is still vital to find a solution for similar situations when you have to travel, which is why turning to handy translation apps is the safest and even affordable way to go!

Some of these translation apps will not require an Internet connection while the others will work in a point-and-translate way, which is quite useful when you need to translate those directions or important announcements at the business center.

5 Top Translation Apps For Business Traveling

Here are some great translation apps to keep in mind:

#1. DuoLingo

It includes over thirty languages from the more common Spanish and German to Russian and Portuguese. It is completely free and lets you learn regardless of whether you need it for talking to a friend abroad or fixing your business plans. It has vocabulary, grammar, and interactive aspects that let you translate things and learn as you go. If you like to keep things accessible, fast, and interactive, give it a try!

#2. HelloTalk

You might have heard about this great app before that lets you talk to native speakers from all over the world free of charge in over 100 languages. Text, voice recording, video calls, you name it! You can practice your language skills and travel by talking to the native speakers who can guide you through the business center or assist you with understanding those different cultures and the words of a lady at the restaurant who urges you to try that delicious, yet strange-looking local meal.

#3. TripLingo

It is a special app that helps travelers to get in touch with the locals. Using a voice translation feature also provides critically important information abroad to keep you safe. Do not forget about the cultural notes that this app provides as you translate things and learn more about foreign etiquette. As you plan to expand your business into global markets, this handy app can work wonders as you learn the key phrases and explore the most frequent business or travel language vocabulary.

#4. Google Translate

While it is one of the most famous translation tools, it is also the one that offers offline translation assistance in over 58 languages. Moreover, it lets you point your camera to a sign and translate it right away. Just look for the Lens icon as you do that! However, if you hope to translate a business agreement, you need the most accurate translators who are certified and have a legal right to handle such kind of work. Remember to check things twice when translating various names and numbers that are unique to your case and take time to choose your translation assistant wisely!

#5. WayGo

Those who do business in Asian countries should check this translation app since it supports various Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dialects among others with the support of the characters and handwritten text. The majority of features are available offline, so you can safely head over to the museum or the drugstore to get that medicine before you visit the local restaurant, which is where the app will help you as well to translate the menus!

Remember About The Cultural Aspect

Most importantly, remember that as you walk around with a helpful translation app, take your time to listen to the locals and learn more about their culture. Stay polite, learn what not to do, and keep your healthcare information or immunization card next to you all the time as it will increase your safety wherever you are. Show respect, be patient, plan your time accordingly and your trip will always turn out great!

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