Best Apps for New York Travelers: Where to Eat? How to Get There?

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world! Tourists from different countries come here every year to find new and new attractions. To see more interesting places you are recommended to use car rental in JFK International airport. It is cheaper than paying for the taxi every hour when you want to get there and more comfortable than using different kinds of public transport. By the way, you can use your smartphone to book a car without extra fees and taxes. Also, you smartphone can help to find a worthy place to eat in New York. Of course, the city is huge and you can visit any cafe you meet on your way when you are hungry. But it is better to save your time and money and book a table in a worthy place in one click! The same is about getting around in such a big city. Don’t waste your time!

Foody apps you can use in New York City

  1. CUPS App

The application is good for Android or your iPad. It helps you to find the best prices for coffee in the cafes you like the most. How does it work? You just pick the most preferable restaurants near you and learn about their prices for coffee. Sometimes, you are lucky to get sales for coffee for a whole month. We all drink coffee in the morning. So, you will never have problems to find the cheapest morning deal whenever you live.

  1. HappyApp

That’s so great that the app works well on Android and iOS platforms. How can you use it? This is your chance to catch discounts in the nearby restaurants or any other city cafe. Just click the restaurant you need and get detailed information about their discounts and happy hours. The application is very helpful when you want to drink something and find it fast. Do you like half-priced food? Of course, who doesn’t?

  1. NY Coffee + Wifi

You can use this mobile app only from your iPad. The app shows you all worthy spots where you can drink coffee and use free Wi-Fi. By the way, it is not about cafes and restaurants but city parks, street eateries. The app is very helpful for people who are in New York for business or just have a little time for coffee.

  1. Minibar

The application is good for different platforms. It works as a fast delivery. You get a list of all local bars and cafes around you. Just click on what you need and wait for you parcel in less than half an hour. What about the delivery fee? There is no fee at all. You pay only for the drink you’ve ordered. You know that takeout food is very popular in the big cities.

  1. Shout

This app is connected with your iPad only. The platform is really unique. You can get cheap tickets, restaurant booking from people who don’t need them anymore. It is cheaper than paying full-price for the nigh performance or last minute reservation. Besides, the tables in the popular restaurant are already booked a day before.

Apps to get around New York City

  1. iTrans App

As you can understand from the app name, it is very helpful for transportation. You can build up your travel route according to the city transport schedule. You can look through the maps, find last minute deals, and learn everything about the transportation characteristics in the location. You will never look like a silly traveler!

  1. Exit Strategy

This application is for everyone who doesn’t like unexpected stops on the way. You don’t want to wait for the train on the platform. Take your chance to know the exact time when it comes. The app gives you suggestions about how to get to the needed place in the best and cheapest way. You may use it from Android or iOS.

  1. CitiBike app

If you are fond of biking and don’t plan to pay for the car, you can find the nearest bike rental station and continue your way on the biking route. Is it what you need? You may check where the route goes with the help of this app. Also, you can find a café or restaurant along the route to take some rest.

  1. ParkMe

This app is very popular for all tourists. You may use it to find a good place to park your car in a new city. You can read about all nearby parking spots and garages and learn their prices. That’s so great to travel by car around the city. But when it comes to parking it for some time, the app helps.

AS you can see, all these applications are available from your smartphone or iPad. The most of them are FREE. Are you sure you know everything about New York? Don’t be lazy! Use at least one of these helpful apps to save your time! It makes your life easier.

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