4 Challenges Faced by Universities and How Technology Can Provide Solutions

Higher education institutions such as universities and colleges have a number of challenges to contend with. The exact nature of these challenges is changing, but thankfully solutions often present themselves in unexpected ways. In this article we will look at four of the most pressing issues faced by higher education institutions and how technology can be used to solve these problems.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

The current global coronavirus pandemic has created huge challenges for almost every sector, and education is certainly no exception to this. The pandemic has made it difficult, or in some cases even impossible, to continue as before. Teaching in classrooms and lecture theaters has been hugely limited, in some cases as a decision by the institutions and in other cases legally enforced by the government.

Technology has already been used extensively across the world to provide a solution to this significant obstacle. Online learning models had already been rapidly developing and increasing in popularity over the years, but 2020 saw a huge rise in classes conducted via video conferencing sites and apps. This change seems unlikely to entirely reverse even after the pandemic – the convenience of online learning and teaching mean that it may be adopted as the norm.

Falling Applications

The number of applications to undergraduate degree courses was already declining before the advent of the pandemic. The arrival of the pandemic saw a steep decline in college applications, which seems unlikely to change after the end of the pandemic. It is no surprise that applications are dropping – with safety concerns about going away to college and local restrictions affecting students’ ability to get involved with the social aspect of student lifestyle, the college experience doesn’t look as appealing to many as it once did.

However, many students still want to study and gain qualifications, especially as the economic recession increases competition for jobs. The internet is an essential tool when it comes to marketing and promoting universities to potential students. An effective digital marketing strategy and the use of a universities SEO agency can ensure that application numbers do not drop too much!

Student Plagiarism

Academic plagiarism has been a problem for many years, and the advent of the internet has made it both more widespread and more difficult to detect. A study by Rutgers University of over 70,000 students found that over 40% admitted to cheating on a written assignment at some point.

Thankfully, the internet has provided a solution to a problem it initially made worse. There are many websites and tools that can be used to scan text for plagiarism, and the technology is rapidly getting more advanced!

Competition From the Internet

The internet has provided an almost unlimited archive of human knowledge, much of it available for free. Learning new skills or educating yourself can be done without the need to visit a classroom, interact with a teacher, or pay a fee. For many years now, many people have been opting to learn independently via the internet rather than apply to a traditional education institution.

However, universities and other education institutions still have some advantages, such as accredited courses, qualified educators, and formally recognized qualifications. The same online learning methods that are solving problems caused by the pandemic can also be the key to institutions competing with other online sources of education.

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