10 Things Every Parent Can Do To Keep Their Kids Safe Online

Parenting is already very tough and the online world is making it a bit more tedious and tough. The dangers of the virtual world are more than the dangers in the real world. If ignored for a long time, it can easily create endless troubles and hassles for your kids.

So, as a parent, you should take proper measures to safeguard your kids in online space. That being said, this job seems next-to-impossible as there are numerous ways by which a person can be involved in a virtual space.

In this post, we will talk about the top ten things that a parent should do to keep their kids safe online. Read them out and find out how you can achieve all these things in one go.

Ten Ways to keep kids safe online

Online is one gigantic beast that can harm you in several ways. If you want to keep your kids safe from this beat then you must:

  1. Try to know what all social media platforms are accessed by your kids
  2. Keep an eye on the texting activity happening over the social media platform
  3. Find out what all web-pages are visited
  4. Track the source of web-content downloaded
  5. Never let the crucial data exposed in the cyber world
  6. Put restrictions on some websites that are not appropriate for your kids
  7. Try to retrieve the password of the social media platform that your kids are using
  8. Monitor the phone activities remotely
  9. Know ways to limit online activities
  10. Educate their kids about the upright use of the online world

All these ten things will help you with keeping your kids safe. Apart from the last option, the rest nine jobs can be achieved easily with the implementation of one single tool and that tool is Neatspy.

Neatspy is a premium class parent control app that has already won millions of hearts across the world. Using the app, one can easily gain admin like access to the targeted phone and find out what all is happening over it.

Its risk-free performance has managed to pull off the attention of many leading media houses across the world. Brands like The New York Times, CNET, Forbes, and so on are the ones who have applauded Neatspy for its impeccable performance.

Click here to read Neatspy spy app’s full modus operandi.

For now, let’s talk about how it manages to keep an eye on so many online activities from a single tool. Neatspy offers a very extensive feature-suite that can keep tabs on all the online activities. Here is how it achieves this task.

Web-browsing History Tracking

No matter what a person does in the online world, it is recorded in the data-driven device whether it’s a laptop or phone. If you’re interested to know what your kids are doing in the online world, just try to find out the web-browsing history.

Everything will be crystal clear here. Neatspy has a dedicated feature for this job. This feature will deliver details related to all the activities happening in the online space. You will be able to find out what all websites and web-pages your kids are visiting.

You can also keep a watch over the content downloaded from the internet. Once this detail is by your side, you can find out what kind of activities your kids are doing in the online world.

App Tracking

Apps open the doorway to the online world. There are apps for every activity. You want to shop, you have an app. You want to play games, you have an app. You want to find a partner, you have an app. But, not every app is useful and good for your kids.

To make sure that your kids are using the right kind of apps in the right manner, Neatspy offers an App tracking facility. With this facility, it helps you find out what all apps your kids have on their phones.

Not only the types of the app will be known to you, but you can also find out for how much time your kids are using that app. You can restrict some apps as well using this feature.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is one way to keep tons of online world dangers away from your kids. Neatspy will help you find out what all social media platforms your kids are using.

You can keep an eye on posts, media, and text-exchange that happened over social media platforms.

The Edge of Neatspy

The above text has made one thing clear that Neatspy is here to safeguard your kids in the online world. As long as it is at your service, no cyber world threats are going to cause any harm to your kid.

Alongside this, Neatspy offers the ultimate peace of mind in various other ways as well:

Neatspy works without rooting/jailbreak. This way it keeps various kinds of cyber risks at bay. The job of online activities monitoring will be entirely risk-free. Also, it never saves data on the server which is again a very good thing.

Using Neatspy is very easy. Neatspy offers a user-friendly interface for both the iOS and Android platforms. While the iOS platform works without any download, its Android solution here has a very much simplified installation process.

Neatspy captures data in real-time and each data delivery is done without any third person’s involvement. The data is accompanied by timestamps which are the biggest proof of data integrity.

Neatspy is a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your kids’ online presence. If you go for its most common subscription, $10 per month would be your expenses. At this cost, you can track 35 phone activities in total. Nothing will be left out.

In conclusion

Neatspy is one way to ensure the safety of your kids in the online world.

By keeping tabs on tons of activities, it leaves no stone unturned to make the online world safe for your kids. The best part is that all of its operations are risk-free as no rooting/jailbreak is involved. So, you can easily use it.

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