3 Japanese TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Fall

Japanese TV productions have become very popular around the world, especially since Netflix and other streaming platforms started releasing this type of content on their websites.

Japanese dramas and TV shows are in an entirely different league, with many never going beyond 15 episodes and often being 1-2 seasons long. This makes them perfect for binging, especially now that the cold season is just around the corner, and you probably can’t wait to curl up on the couch with a cup of warm tea or hot cocoa.

If you’ve never watched Japanese content before, you are in for a treat, so to get you started, we compiled a shortlist of binge-worthy Japanese TV shows, as well as how you can watch them.

Why did you come to Japan?

This is one of the most popular Japanese TV shows and the perfect way to learn about Japan’s culture, events, and lifestyle. The show follows the comedy duo Bananaman, as they go to various Japanese airports, mainly Narita Airport, and interview foreigners about their reasons to come to visit Japan.

The main thing the duo is looking to find out is why visitors come to Japan, but sometimes they also tag along to follow the person’s itinerary and get to see Japan as a tourist. It serves as a great way for Japanese and foreigners alike to learn more about the country’s vibe, events, popular spots to visit, and rich culture.


Kurosaki is your typical young man, but his life is about to change when he comes home one day to discover his father has killed the entire family and committed suicide after his entire life savings were swindled by a Shirosagi (white swindler).

Kurosaki manages to escape and seeks revenge on the people that schemed his father, so he grows up to become a Kurosagi (black swindler). Instead of scamming innocent people, Kurosaki targets professional swindlers and uses the money to pay back their victims.

Things change when Tsurara, a law student that becomes Kurosaki’s love interest comes to live as a tenant in his apartment and discovers his second life. Unfortunately, Kurosagi is not available on an international streaming platform, but luckily you can watch Japanese TV using a VPN no matter where you live.

Million Yen Women

Another J-drama that made its debut on Netflixunsp and became popular all over the world, Million Yen Women tells the story of Shin, a failing novelist who receives an offer that seems almost too good to be true. Five women offer him 1 million yens worth of rent to let them stay in his house. Even though Shin did not put his house up for rent, his struggling career prompts him to accept the offer.

The women have one condition: Shin is not allowed to ask personal questions about them or their sudden arrival. This mystery-thriller is filled with twists and surprises that are sure to keep you pinned to your seat as you uncover Shin and the women’s deep-hidden secrets.

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