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Understanding the dynamics of this fast-moving life and learning to outgrow yourself requires a great deal of active decision-making and critical thinking. If online gaming has benefited us in any way, it is likely in these precise roads of acumen. To tell the truth, gaming has been demonstrated to be more useful than we suspected.

The time when gaming was referred to as a ruthless ‘Go and Kill’ is now a matter of the past, these days most games create a modern world, continually encouraging the player to comprehend puzzles, settle on moral choices and do quite a lot of critical thinking to overcome. Cognitive skills, like hand-eye coordination, are also known to be developed and enhanced in ardent gamers.

Every seasoned gamer today would remember the time when our keen selves used to wait in long queues, with overflowing emotions of excitement and energy, outside the video game stores. Not that this trend is over as yet, but better-suited opportunities have been presented to us in the form of online gaming, that can be stored against a small subscription fee.

Having said this, your internet connection is probably the most important thing to pull off this arrangement, and not every internet service provider can be shouldered with this principal responsibility.

Gaming-certified and actively reviewed as the best internet service for gaming, Spectrum internet is changing the landscape of online gaming by providing its customers with exceptional services. Along with the no-contract policy and unlimited data allowance, Spectrum promotions offer blazing-fast download speeds that go up to 940Mbps.

Further in this article, we would figure out what constituents are required in your internet connection for your online gaming sessions and how Spectrum Internet is the best service provider for uninterrupted gaming.


Envision that you’ve effectively brought down all of your nemesis and the moment you are going to be pronounced the winner, your internet connection starts to suffer buffering, and just like the internet, your dream of taking the trophy home goes out of the window.

Not many people consider latency or ping as an important factor when getting on board with an internet service provider and maybe not everyone needs to, but it is of absolute importance for gamers to understand its prominence.

For instance, in competitive and fast-paced games like Overwatch or CoD, if you and your opponent destroy one another at the very same moment, the point will be granted to one who has lower latency.

Spectrum has a setup of coaxial cables and this network makes sure that the users work through with a stable and steady internet connection. Thus, lowering ping rates and making the gaming experience ideal for all gamers.


For the internet connection of a singular user, 2 Mbps is the ideal minimum internet speed to decrease any chances of high ping. Most internet providers feature download speed in their promotions and advertisements and do not reveal specifics about the upload speeds.

Now, the interesting angle here is that the actual importance is of upload speed during gaming. This serves as a barricade because the unadvertised upload speed results in high ping increasing lag.

Do you recall when we cited the minimum speed for your internet connection for gaming is 2 Mbps? Good news, you are in luck because Spectrum offers 10 Mbps upload speed with 100 Mbps of download speed and because we just established that upload speed is in fact what makes the gaming experience unique and so you can game your heart out, without giving much thought to ping or lag.

Data-caps? No Problem.

Internet service providers, more often than you think, have data caps adjusted in your package to limit your monthly internet usage. This is not advertised mostly and would not be informed to you while signing the service contract and you would come to know about it when your internet starts acting up.

This is not an ideal situation at all and feels like being betrayed, right? Spectrum, on the other hand, is clear with its users since the very beginning and has no data caps within its packages.

Modem device

One of the best things about Spectrum is that it provides you with a free modem on every internet connection. These modems are highly recommended and 100% approved by Spectrum. It is guaranteed to ensure you get the right amount of boost in reliability, speed, and consistency to ace your gaming schedules.

24/7 Customer Service

Any great product or idea can fail if its team does not provide exceptional customer service and especially the telecommunication industry thrives on its customer service arc. Customers of internet connection can have a lot of motivation to switch through to another service provider if suffer connectivity issues, power outages, and/or faulty equipment.

The utmost importance lies in how the provider responds to the problems of its customers and Spectrum has supreme level 24/7 customer service ensuring that no problem goes unattended.

Why is Spectrum the right choice?

The gaming experience is nothing if you are not connected to the best internet provider and clearly, there are a lot of high-speed internet service providers, but are they all gaming-certified? The answer is a clear ‘no’. Most of the internet providers take help from puffing, an advertising technique, and do not communicate the truth about their connections.

Spectrum has proven to deliver what it advertises. With millions of satisfied clientele stretched all over the U.S., Spectrum internet has positioned itself as the epitome of commitment and delivering its promise of fast internet. Spectrum ensures that all of its customers find packages that they can resonate with and has the most amazing promotional services.

So, this excellence of internet service providers when combined with some fun multiplayer games hosted by the best game server hosting providers would surely give you a great gaming experience. Not to forget, like Spectrum being the right choice for internet services, you also need to find the apt choice to avail the game hosting services as well because a compromise to that would create glitches no matter how good the internet is.

Thus, you must look out for promising game hosting service providers who could offer you advanced hardware, unlimited storage, the required protection, and full customer support. Not just this, they must offer you the best connection with ultra-low pings as that would help you enjoy the games with the players from any corner of the world. You can look for such service providers online. You might want to consider the services offered by 1g server host because with the excellence being served including all the required features needed in server hosting, you sure would not regret this choice to make your gaming experience the best.


Summing the article, Spectrum provides you with an ultra-rapid internet connection, designed with a new and refined fiber-coaxial cable network. Spectrum helps its existing and potential customers to utilize the best services at the best rates.

Gaming is a technical sport and in today’s age when it is really difficult to engage in cognitive, fun activities every day, gaming has provided us with the opportunity to exercise our vigor in the best way so why not use the best connection for this matter? It is high time that you prioritize our internet connection needs and let yourself win at life.

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