You Must Use PDFs For Your Business. Here’s Why

PDF is by far the most popular file format when it comes to sharing files over digital various digital mediums. PDFs are most commonly used by businesses all across the world.

You can use PDFs to send bills to your clients, share information with your partners, or for any other official reason that requires you to share some sort of information with anyone in the world. Some of the biggest benefits your business can get out of using PDF documents are:

Very Easy To Create

You can create a PDF document easily by using software like Adobe Acrobat. You won’t face any sort of trouble because there are simple tools that will help you out even if you are creating a PDF for the first time. Besides that, there are a number of tools online that can help you convert files from almost all popular formats in a PDF.

Original Formatting is Maintained

The most common problem businesses face when sharing documents in other formats like Word is that the formatting of the original document can vary vastly depending on the device being used. With PDF, you can rest assured that the document you are sharing will be viewed by the receiver in the exact way that you had created it.

There will be absolutely no change in the document. Even when you convert a document from some other format into a PDF, there will be no change in the original formatting of the text. And with tools like Viewpdf, the task of converting files into pdf format becomes even more simple. Just add the extension in your Chrome bar and convert the files.

It’s the Industry Standard

Due to the number of uses it offers, PDF format has become the industry standard for digitally sharing documents almost everywhere in the world. When you send someone a PDF document, you can be sure that they will be able to access it easily as they have the required software.

It is a better option than sharing documents in a format you aren’t sure the receiver is accustomed to.

PDF Files Occupy Less Storage Space

PDF files are generally much smaller in size as compared to other popular formats. This will allow you to save a larger number of documents in the limited storage space that you have available. It will also become easier to share the files and also, downloading PDFs takes less time due to the smaller size.

PDFs Offer Security

One of the biggest concerns for businesses, when they share their files through a digital medium, is that the file might be accessed by someone who would use them.

With PDF files, you can easily solve this concern by adding a password to the document you are sharing. Share the password only with the people who you want to grant access to the document and thus, you can ensure the file’s safety.

PDF Files Are Compatible With All Operating Systems

Often, businesses are caught in a pickle because they shared an important document with someone but the receiver wasn’t able to access it because their device’s operating system does not support the file format. When using a PDF, this problem won’t arise because the file format can be compatible with Windows, Mac and all other major OS used by devices.

You can share the file without any worry. PDF works on all the major operating systems currently in use. So, whether the viewer is on a PC or a Mac, or even on a newer mobile operating system like iOS and Android, there’s almost no worry about the receiver being unable to view the document.

Visual Elements Are Easy To Add

You can easily add visual elements like graphs to your PDF files to make them look more appealing. Besides that, you can easily add links to web pages or websites that are relevant to your document. The receiver can simply click on the link and will be led to that particular page. These features allow your document to become much more appealing to the receiver and might impress them.


Though there are multiple advancements in technology, including the introduction of newer file formats to share documents in, it’s very unlikely that people reduce the use of the PDF format. It’s the best option for you to share files related to your business with anyone. So, make sure that you are using PDFs in your business.

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