Why Valorant is one of the best multiplayer games

Valorant was launched around this time last year. Since then. It has been keeping gamers and social media platforms abuzz. The game was only available to only those who had access to the closed beta. The limitation was given away with the launch.

Developed on Unreal Engine, the online multi-player game would require seamless internet access and a device that supports it. The developer and publisher of the game is Riot Games. The California-based company has a fair share in the gaming industry with games like League of Legends. It can be played on Windows PC through its website playvalorant.com. I had to use

valorant hacks when I played it for the first time.

What makes this game one of a kind?

Most of the utility skills in the games are mothballs. At first, its glossy couture resembled that of Counter-Strike. But the game came out to become a class in itself with skillset and artillery like: –

  • Smoke walls that don’t shadow the gameplay
  • Healing of players
  • Revival minigames
  • Scout drones
  • Tripwires that explode
  • Teleportation fake
  • Players do not eclipse the action
  • Jett’s updraft that creates an extra dimension or portal

FPS and CS pro players would definitely get a nudge when they start to play it. For instance, you can deploy smokes to block your opponent’s visibility and throw a bomb. It will buy you time till the bomb detonates.

What else is in there?

Valorant has everything for each type of player. Full-on killer mode for pro players and smaller add-ons for novices. The gamers can choose various modes as per their availability: –

  • Rated and Unrated
  • Deathmatch
  • Spike rush
  • Escalation

Valorant would scare the novice player away. For him, the game would end before it starts. The game comes with four controllers agents: –

  • Brimstone can deploy smoke and confuse enemies without giving out your position. His molly can cut the enemies or destroy their armour even if it touches them.
  • Astra is the latest in the game and can predict where to drop smokes. She blows the enemy’s cover wherever they are hiding. However, it is more productive to play her actively as she is suitable as an attacker, unlike brimstone, as she can control every location on the map using her stars.
  • Omen, as the name suggests, has a lethal ability to attack the opponent sneakily. His dark cover ability and shrouded steps make him unpredictable. Plus, he can teleport to an inaccessible space before the enemy attempts to kill him.
  • Viper has her snakebite and poison cloud. Her abilities let the opponent think twice about pushing. She is a defensive player and can fit in any Valorant mode.

With initiators, Duelists and Sentinals, Valorant is an adventurous and action-packed PC game that you will ever find for free.

The game copies a lot from Overwatch and CS: GO, but it becomes enjoyable once you learn the skills that agents come adorned with. Winning a game in CS: GO depends on the player’s ability to AK and M4s. Here, more variables start to mix. You can only appreciate the game while playing with a team when you become proficient in particular weapons, develop sophisticated game sense and accuracy.

KAY/O: The Mean Machine of Valorant

Recently, Riot games launched their Valorant Episode 3: Act 1. The skeleton assassin called KAY/O would scare the hell out of the opponent, making them dumb. Riot’s avatar of Apex’s Revenant is a lethal robot that sticks a knife and makes the opponent go mute within its radius made by projecting suppression energy.

The League of Legends Crossover Update

Riot Games have collaborated with themselves in upgrading Valorant with the League of the Legends update. Now, you can see your agents in Ruination skins and a lot of fog and crystal power. At level 1, the mammoth sword is broken, but as you clear the level, it becomes complete with a crystalline light. The Blade of the Ruined King strikes back with Ghost, Guardian, Melee weapon, Phantom, and Spectre from the Ruination of Runeterra.

More Entertainment, Small Size

In comparison to other PC games, Valorant takes 7.3GB of your PC space. The Riot has recommended that for a fair experience, the player need to have at least an Intel Core i3-4150 CPU, and for the best, players need to have Intel Core i5-4460.

The diversity and surprises coming with Valorant make it one of a kind PC game. This is why it was awarded British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer for the year 2021.

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