Why Do Winter Electricity Blackouts Occur and How Can You Fix Them?

As the days and nights become colder and darker, we start to rely more on our electricity. However, ironically the time when we need electricity the most, tends to be the time it cuts out. A situation like this can be avoided if you have a reliable electricity provider that gives you a high-quality service. By looking for Green Mountain Energy reviews, you will be able to read other customers’ experiences, which will help you know how well their services are.

So, why do winter blackouts occur and how can you fix them? Below, you’ll discover everything you need to know to prepare for the dreaded winter blackouts.

Why do winter blackouts occur?

There’s a number of reasons why blackouts are more common in winter. Firstly, electrical systems can often struggle to adapt to a sudden increase in usage. From spring onwards, you start to use a lot less electricity than you do during the winter. So, when those darker colder days set in and you start to use significantly more power, it can prove too much for the system, causing a blackout.

During the summer, you also don’t tend to get electrical systems checked. As you don’t use them as much, it’s easy to forget all about them. However, this means you’ll miss any potential issues. Over time, faults in any of the electrical system components will ultimately get worse, breaking when you start to use the power more excessively.

The weather also plays a role. Ice on power cables and strong winds can both cause significant issues for utility companies. Cold weather can also cause pipes to freeze up. These are just some of the reasons why blackouts are more prevalent in winter.

How can you fix them?

So, how can you stop winter blackouts causing you a lot of misery this winter? Well, you can start by wrapping any pipes vulnerable to freezing over. Wrap them in newspaper or towels.

You should also have your electrical systems serviced before winter kicks in if possible. This will alert you to any issues and ensure your systems are working efficiently. You can also make sure you’ve updated to the latest systems if you’re currently using older ones.

Finally, you can prepare for any blackouts which might occur by investing in high-quality generators. That way, if the main power does go out, you’ll have backup power ready to go. This is especially important for businesses who might lose a lot of profits due to a power outage.

Overall, blackouts are a common concern for both homes and businesses in the winter months. The above are just some of the reasons why they occur and how you can fix them. The more prepared you are for a blackout, the less it’s likely to affect you. So, ensure you follow the tips above to ensure winter blackouts don’t affect you this year.

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