What Is The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner In 2019? The Opinion Of A Chef

To maintain one’s house, without spending all one’s time, is not always something obvious. And we all know, sucking can be a real chore, especially if you run out of time … or want! And besides, if like me, you cook often and you are subject to dirty your kitchen quickly and therefore to maintain it very regularly.

That is to say, every time I’m at home, I have to vacuum because the flour and sugar are very volatile!

And frankly, the arrival of the robot vacuum changed my life! And for me, it has become the logical evolution of things. Formerly we had the broom and then appeared the vacuum cleaner, more recently the cordless vacuum cleaner and now the robot vacuum cleaner! This is, in my opinion, the present but also the future of home maintenance.

The first models may not have been the best, but it’s really day and night with today’s Roborock S6. A superb power of aspiration, a beautiful autonomy, great adaptability according to the surfaces without counting the multiple automatic programming, I find that it has from now on everything to please!

Here are the important features to consider before making your purchase:


Like any vacuum cleaner, whether robotic or not, suction power remains a determining factor! For robot vacuum cleaners, we do not necessarily speak in watts but as a percentage of absorption of materials. And the higher the percentage, the more it will mean that your vacuum cleaner is performing at this level. The watts alone, it means nothing to say anything in fact.


Another very important point: the autonomy of your future robot vacuum cleaner. Autonomy is a crucial element in choosing your vacuum cleaner. The longer the autonomy, the more your vacuum cleaner can treat the surface without having to recharge on its base. If you have a large living space, it will be even more important! I recommend you choose a device with a minimum autonomy of 60 minutes. This will be as important if you want to run your vacuum cleaner several times a day because a full charge takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the model.  Imagine that your vacuum cleaner has finished cleaning your whole house and that you drop something by Earth. If you have drained the battery, it will have to wait until it is charged to be able to use it again and you will be blocked in the meantime.

The navigation system

There are two types of robot vacuums on the market. The former is simply equipped with detectors allowing them to anticipate objects and to avoid collisions as much as possible (or reduce them). They aspire while avoiding the various objects in their path. The second, more efficient, are equipped with a 360 °C laser rangefinder (or a camera) that can map the parts and browse them in a methodical, systematic way, by only passing once to every place. Of course, they are more efficient and fast in execution, but also more expensive than the first ones.

The convenience of use

Your robot vacuum cleaner like Roborock S5 is there to make your life easier and not to waste time on long and futile programming. It is possible to start aspiration on most robots by pressing a “START” button. But it remains quite valuable to find connected features to program a vacuum or launch your robot vacuum remotely. So make sure your future robot vacuum cleaner has WI-FI connectivity (easily configurable preferably).

Connected features

Some robot vacuums will be compatible with connected speakers and voice assistants. Thus, compatibility with a connected speaker will allow you to start the vacuum with simple voice requests. You can start your robot vacuum without having to press the button and without having to use your phone. Just ask your voice assistant to start the aspiration. Practice not?

Maintenance and filling capacity

Even if the maintenance of the device remains minimal, some models are better equipped than others on this criterion. Robot vacuums are equipped with collectors that collect residues and operate without a bag.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to the Internet, it has become very easy to learn about the opinions of previous buyers. Thus, it is a very good reflex and a great way to get an opinion on the model that makes you an eye. On some sites like Amazon, it is even possible to ask questions to these buyers. You will understand, buy a device whose rating would be less than 3 stars would not be very wise.

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