What is a Microsoft 365 content services preferred partner?

The term is bandied about and may be used in marketing, but if you are using any of the Microsoft products, you need to know what this term means.

What is this program?

In an effort to ensure and promote customer success with Microsoft 365 Content Services, Microsoft launched its Microsoft 365 Content Service Partner Program. This allowed particular companies that are able to meet certain criteria to be supported in delivering content management services and solutions to their clients.

In order to be eligible to qualify as a Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner, there are a number of criteria. Partners must be members in good standing of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), they must have participated in Knowledge and Insights training, and must be focused on key industries. In addition, they must have experience supporting particular kinds of workloads such as records management, migration, workflows, and capture and keep your data safe.

How to choose your provider?

As companies begin to harness the power of content services platforms to ensure a holistic and comprehensive information management suite for their organization, finding the right service provider is key. Having the right content services platform allows companies to connect, share and govern content across their entire portfolio and better support their clients. A great example is ovatiotech.com and the use of Teams to seamlessly connect.

So, finding the right service provider is key. Integration of information, knowledge, and content is a key feature of content services platforms and should be seamless with any provider you chose. Content has to be readily and directly available through an integrated application and easy-to-use interface.

The experience of the user is key to finding the right content services platform. The best content services platform providers are able to deliver a simple, intuitive user experience that can align content delivery with the specific context and needs of the organization.

Your provider should not only ensure that content is managed but that it is also enriched through the use of additional metadata. This provides additional context about the content so that the organization is able to harness that content to its fullest through analysis and automation. Effective and comprehensive data and content analysis allow for greater insights into actions, trends and ensure organizations find the value in their content so that they boost their productivity and improve their decision-making.

One of the most important considerations in choosing a content services platform provider is ensuring they are able to ensure the security of your content and your system. This means content must be secure whether it is in transit or whether it is at rest. Knowing the level of security of your content will allow the organization to better understand exactly what kinds of capabilities are required. Whether these are system-wide, or content-based such as watermarking and digital signatures, it is important that your service provider can meet those needs.

It is important to know what these terms mean, as they are oftentimes used quite freely to market products and services. You must be able to do your research and ensure that any product or service is genuine and has the Microsoft seal of approval.

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