Voice trends (Alexa Development) and AI in mobile app development for 2021

In 2020 users were demanding more and more voice-enabled applications.

Due to rapid growth in the AI field like in recent work on Amazon’s Alexa projects have gained much popularity, so this trend has gained much attention from users all over the world.

Even many researchers and technology experts have predicted that technology of voice-integration in various applications either of web-based, android-based and other desktop ones will be more in demand in coming decade and no doubt it is happening now that the demand is increasing day by day due to more and more user experience and more ease.

In 2020, the final report of Enterprise Mobility trends also exposes that AI will be the topmost investment for enterprise in the next decade due to its rapid growth and evolutionary technology. So, where it will take us in the future according to the predictions? Just image.

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In which we will define the complete key depth of voice-enabled apps that will bloom in the coming years and this will help you to see how these affect developers of the IT world in the mobile app development space.

The most important Trends for AI and Voice-Integration in 2020

Conversations which are Streamlined:

Amazon and Goggle have declared in 2019 that the voice assistants that they are using will not be used again in which the repeated words were recognized. Recently both of the assistants were totally dependent on word called wake (like Alexa or Ok, Google) which were used to start a new line of textual sentence or of communication.

Users use these voice assistants in different locations for different purposes. For example, for multitasking, or when they are with other friends or they may be alone. These devices can be beneficial for many contextual factors that can make a conversation more efficient and convenient. Also keep in mind that these also show down the developers who are aiming to introduce a more user-centric experience and easy-to-use AI applications.

Integration and Capability:

Amazon has been at the top of technologies in today’s world in the context of voice technology. After Alexa technology, google launched its mind-blowing product called as google assistant who has created a tremendous change in technology, even now voice recognized based SEO field is also introduced and most trending and it will gain fame in the future.

In 2022, we will see a great change in the development process of voice-integrated devices and applications. This will obviously give a rapid increase in testing devices that have some voice-integration functionality but they are not the best smart working speakers. Instead, they communicate with your smart speaker.

Behavior of Search will be Changed

Amongst the hot topics for discussion, voice search is one of them. Voice is invisible obviously and research is also focusing on this thing for making it a reality just like other advancements and discoveries. All is this is due to the missing visual interface of voices in applications. Only the Alexa and google assistant apps provide the touch and speak features to their users for more ease and flexibility. But with reference to the researches of Premium Dissertation UK Scholars, search behavior will see a rapid change in this field of voice and AI.

Voice and AI as Future of Customer Experience and Interaction of Brand

Voice has already gained its mobile experience and usability for users’ points of view. And in future work, voice recognition will be capable of understanding what we are saying and in which tone we are speaking plus our context behind our voice.

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