Top Tips to Make More Sales with Your Print on Demand Business

Have you finally started working on your print on demand business and are looking to make a splash? If that is the case, you may want to look for something that can give you that extra bit of boost. After all, you are facing tough competition.

There are quite a few tips that can help with conquering the market and establishing yourself as an authority. Keep in mind, though, that hard work is still the best answer to everything. These tips will not get you anywhere if you are not persistent.

Look for Alternative Platforms

If you have been stuck in the same place for a while, you may want to explore what the market has to offer and introduce some new changes to your store.

Quite a few options are available, but when it comes to everything print on demand, certainly takes the cake. This will turn out for the better as you will gain access to a wide variety of different products and plenty of other great benefits.

Customer Photos

Genuine photos in reviews are quite effective because it shows that someone actually bought the product and knows what he or she is talking about. Customers would much rather see user-generated pictures rather than what you can find in most stores.

So how does one accomplish that? Pretty simple. Spread the word that you would love to see your customers wearing the merchandise. Offer a discount for those who will send you a photo, or organize a contest that would reward people at random. Finally, if you are doing so on social media like Twitter or Instagram, create a hashtag and start a campaign.


Discounts, promotions, free offers like shipping and so on go a long way into making sure that you can create a sustainable business.

While perks for your most loyal customers should be a no-brainer, limiting them to just that group is not something you want. Let them know what a subscription to your newsletter will land them a discount that is available for a limited time. The goal here is to get them hooked and spend money.


Quite a few businesses tend to neglect this aspect and do not even bother with taking pictures that actually look decent. Think about it this way – when you look at the menu in a restaurant, food pictures always look excellent. It happens to be one of the most effective marketing techniques. Thus, whenever there are visuals involved, make sure that they are up to par with the very best.

Different Sales Channels

Use everything that is available to you. Relying just on something like social media is a terrible strategy. Make sure that your website is optimized for search engines, that your list of newsletter subscribers is growing, etc. The more different channels you have, the more money you will make.

Mobile Optimization

Most website themes are optimized for mobile use, but they still need some tweaking to make sure that things are running smoothly on every different smartphone and tablet. Do not think about neglecting this aspect because you stand to lose a lot of income.

Customer Service

Having reliable customer support employees is a big plus for any business. You always need to be available and send a response as soon as possible. Some businesses look to automate the process by using machine learning and AI, but it does not seem like the technology is ready for that yet.

A knowledge base is also something you want. Some individuals want to find information on their own due to poor previous experience with customer support. Start with a simple FAQ page and keep it updated. Then, you can move on to writing a blog which will also help establish yourself as one of the authorities in the industry. That is as long as you can write insightful and valuable content.

Email Marketing

Despite some claims that email marketing is dead, there are still more than plenty of businesses who make a killing by sending out emails to their subscribers.

It is important so start email marketing the moment you open your store, and it should not be that difficult thanks to all kinds of email marketing services that are available for everyone.


Make sure that you spend more time on writing detailed and compelling product descriptions. But do not stop there. Every piece of writing that you do should be of the highest quality because customers pay attention to it.

Consistent Learning

Be it competition research, reading new articles or watching new videos, or learning from your own mistakes – you need to move forward and gain experience. Practice makes perfect, and the more of yourself you dedicate to this business, the better the payoff will be.

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