Top 5 User Friendly MP4 Video Convertors

As “First World problems” as it may sound, the plethora of means of consuming entertainment we have at our disposal, from smart and LED TVs, to laptops, smartphones, PlayStations and Xboxes, iPODs, DVD and Blue-Ray players, etc., can paradoxically end up making movie night a hassle. Different devices support different video formats, and it’s easy to forget which formats are compatible with the technology you have. This is why video convertors can be a huge time and energy-saver, as it basically makes sure your device of choice and the video file you want to play are on the same page.

Top 5 Video Convertors

Since most often, people need to either convert to mp4 or from mp4 to video, here are the 5 most user-friendly video convertors that will make your user experience a breeze.

#1. HandBrake (Windows/Mac)

In 2006, it seemed as if HandBrake’s days were numbered, as its creator Eric Petit, went missing. Luckily, his creation carried on, and HandBrake is now widely considered one, if not the best video convertors in the world. And on top of that, it’s a free and open-source software.

HandBrake is highly versatile and robust, capable of making almost literally all kinds of video formats suitable for Android tablets, iPhones, and AppleTV.

What makes the user experience particularly smooth, fast, and streamlined is the option to choose user profiles that are specifically tailored to different devices and their respective presets. This all happens through a slick interface that’s a pleasure to navigate.

Other useful features include chapter makers and range selection, video filtering, batch scanning, support for VFR and CFR, and average bit rate video encoding, and more.

#2. Any Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

For those who consider themselves the furthest thing possible from a technology buff, but like to enjoy entertainment like one, Any Video Converter (AVC) is a true godsend. In short, AVC is so user-friendly and robust at the same time, even your grandma who hasn’t touched a computer could easily learn how to use it.

This freeware has a minimalistic interface, to say the least, and even a complete novice could navigate it quickly and easily. But the interface is just the start of AVC’s supreme user-friendliness.

Not only do you get user-defined video outputs, but AVC even has batch processing, meaning you can convert multiple files at once. All files are saved in a designated folder, so you don’t even have to worry about organizing and looking for files.

At the same time, AVC is very versatile, in the sense that it not only supports over 60 input formats, but it also enables some flashier stuff like editing and adding effects. The cherry on top is you can also download and convert YouTube and Google videos.

#3. Quick Media Converter (Windows)

Quick Media Converter is another free gem for those, looking for practical simplicity and versatility.

The interface is extremely intuitive and all-encompassing, making all the supported video formats very easy to grasp and match to your device in terms of compatibility.

In addition, with Quick Media Converter, you can convert video files from your DV camera or webcam and convert them into virtually any format.

#4. Format Factory (Windows)

Format Factory is another highly intuitive software that’s quite easy to use and versatile at the same time. As far as mp4 and videos are concerned, Format Factory is free.

One of its main attributes is the speed of its conversions, made that much faster by the ability to batch convert mobile and DVD videos, audio, pictures, and more.

It’s also worth mentioning Format Factory has built-in tools for repairing damaged video and audio files, so in short, its simplicity and user-friendliness shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of more advanced, handy features.

#5. Wondershare (Windows/Mac)

Wondershare is completely free, but you wouldn’t guess that from everything it can do, and the ease it does it with.

The software supports over 1000 formats, and is widely considered to be the fastest of its kind, completing tasks up to 30 times faster than other programs.

That being said, the speed doesn’t come at the cost of the video quality. To top things off, Wondershare allows batch processing and burning files to data discs.

Another very practical benefit worth mentioning is that you can download videos from YouTube with it.

If videos and mp4s are the files you have to deal with the most, and want to deal with them quickly, easily, efficiently, in a number of ways, and for free, those are your 5 best bets.

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