Top 5 Benefits of an Updated Mac OS

Did you know that 64% of Americans own an Apple product? The average household in the U.S. owns more than 2 Apple products.

Do you have a Mac, but it’s not an updated Mac OS? In this article, learn the importance and benefits of updating your Mac. Read on to explore more about the MacOS Catalina upgrade, and why it’ll speed up your computer, and increase security by updating it.

When Should You Upgrade?

While upgrading to a new Mac OS update might seem like a process, you should always do so. After you learn how to update OS Mac, it’ll be a way to explore new software and see what has changed from previous systems.

You’ll want to have the latest Mac OS update since it’ll further protect your computer, and have enhanced security improvements. The more up-to-date your computer is, the more secure it’ll be.

Also, if you have multiple devices, as do many Americans, your devices might not work in sync with each other. Whenever a release becomes available, install it to your device.

  1. Improve Patches

Updates are there to improve any patches in the operating system. Any patches can make you more exposed to hackers and malware. The code will be fixed so that hackers can’t as easily install malware, or delete files.

  1. Improve Compatibility

New hardware comes out all of the time, and you have to make sure your operating system will keep up with them. Wireless devices can install drivers instead of having to search for them.

  1. Improves Software Compatibility

This can include utilities, office packages, games, and other software. This can help with the stability and speed of your operating system, and make sure all of your software works together. Your computer will crash less, and not slow down as often.

  1. User-Friendly

As time goes on, the latest Mac OS update will ensure that it’s more user-friendly. You’ll have menus in an easy-to-view way, along with a more appealing interface.

  1. Bugs

Updating your system is a way to stop bugs. Companies will come up with new software to ensure that the latest update will remove any bugs from the past. They’ll also ensure that the latest update will receive fewer bugs.

Mac OS Catalina

The Mac OS Catalina, the latest upgrade to Mac, has plenty of features you’ll want to experience. While it’s not a complete redesign, it has plenty of benefits.

  1. Photos Redesign

The new Photos app allows you to now have photos in groups based on where they take place. This makes it easier to go through and find the photos you need to access.

  1. Mute Mail

Do you find that you’re part of an email thread, and want to stop receiving notifications? You can mute it with this feature.

You’ll still receive all other emails, just not the ones that you muted. You can block recipients as well, and unsubscribe from newsletters you have no interest in anymore.

  1. Activation Lock

This excellent feature makes it so that someone can’t activate your phone after they steal it. It can only be re-activated by your iCloud information.

Since Catalina is on read-only, that means your operating system, and personal information will stay separate. You can use the Find My App to find your device when it goes missing, even if it’s turned off.

Should I Upgrade It, or Buy Another Mac?

This depends on many factors including your budget. Be honest with yourself about your budget when deciding whether you should upgrade your Mac, or buy another.

If you’re looking to save money, an upgrade is a better option. For those who have plenty of savings and it’s in their budget, they can buy a new Mac. Decide if a faster computer will help you earn more money, if so, you might want to consider buying a new computer.

Tips Before Upgrading

First, go into your computer and delete any files that you’re not using before you upgrade your computer’s system. This can be temporary files and cache files.

There are different apps out there you can use to help delete files on your computer that you don’t need. Next, before you begin the upgrade, you should back up your Mac to make sure everything is saved.

While it’s rare something goes wrong during an upgrade, it can happen. In case something does happen, you’ll be protected.

Why Can’t I Update My Mac?

If an update was interrupted, it can cause problems. This can be either due to unplugging your computer, losing power, or your computer dying.

Before you unplug your computer, make sure that the update has finished. If your computer crashes, it can be due to a critical problem when you try to turn it on. For problems that have to do with the system itself, that can cause continuous crashes and reboots.

What Are My Updating Options?

For updating your Mac, you can either choose to do normal updates, the latest version, or an earlier OS version. You can either set it up for automatic updates or go to System Preferences to do a normal update.

Exploring Updated Mac OS Benefits

Now that you’ve explored all about the benefits of an updated Mac OS, you should have a better idea if it’s worth it for you or not. Or, whether you should invest in a new Mac.

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