Less Noise and More Performance: Top 10 Fanless PCs

Computers have enabled us to do amazing things, from working to playing to researching a vast amount of information. However, they do come with some disadvantages, and one of those disadvantages has to do with the noise they create because of the fans that take care of cooling those PCs. The great news is that technology has advanced so much that now we can get rid of that issue with fanless PCs. Of course, “fanless” doesn’t mean “without cooling”, since that’s an essential part of a good, lasting performance. Rather, these devices are cooled passively with heatsink and Heatpipe engineering. Let’s explore the best fanless PCs together.

Top 10 Fanless PCs

Following are the best and top 10 Fanless PCs available:

#1. Tiny Green PC Fit-PC4

Known as Compulab in the US, Tiny Green PC creates several computers that are both small and fanless. Their most popular PC, the Fit-OC4 has at most 190 mm in any direction, and is 37 mm thick. These measurements bring it in the group of smallest fanless PCs.

Pick from several variations, all of which have AMD processors with 16 GB RAM. The biggest hard drive comes with 500GB, while other features include Bluetooth 4.0, eight USB ports and 802.11b/g/ac Wi-Fi.

#2. Cappuccino PV Mica T87

Cappuccino PC has been in the business of creating silent and small computers for more than 10 years. The T87 is simply one of the many options available. The base model starts with Intel Corei3, but you can pick a more powerful option, with a 35 TDP Core i7 processor. It supports three storage drives, as well as up to 16GB RAM.

#3. Shuttle DX30

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, this is likely your best bet. The good news is that you won’t have to sacrifice amazing specs for the price tag. With a capacity to stream 4k, this PC uses the latest low-power processor from Intel. Supporting up to 8 GB RAM, this model is perfect for document editing and web browsing, as well as other simple tasks.

#4. FC8 Ryzen PC

This option can hold as many as 5 drives and it comes with an AMD socket AM4. It has a slimline optical drive, as well as storage capability of up to 32 GB.


This is another possibility for those who are looking for a low cost and low power fanless model. This one comes with a processor from Intel Atom D2500 1.8 GHz and 2GB RAM. It comes with a variety of ports, such as six USB, VGA, and Ethernet, among others. Keep in mind that it does not come with a hard drive.

#6. Azulle Byte Plus

This one’s the most cost-effective option out of all of them. Using the Intel Atom x5 processor, this computer also comes with some great integrated graphics. In addition, it’s got 2GB of RAM, as well as 32 GB storage.

#7. Akasa Euler

This one works great for both the office or simply as a home computer. It works wonderfully with point-of-sale applications or any other forms of touch-screen monitors. It supports the 8th generation of Intel processors, and it works with up to two internal hard drives.

#8. Turemetal UP3

This device weighs just a little less than 10 lbs, and it can be used for HD video playback without any issues. In addition, it’s also perfect for any other type of standard office or home use. It works with either the 8th or 9th generation of Intel processors and can store up to 32 GB of files.

#9. Coffee Lake Mini ITX

This silent PC comes with professional integrated graphics and audio, as well as two USB ports, up to 32 GB of storage. It can also work with up to 5 drives.

#10. Xeon Server

Absolutely every aspect of this PC is fanless, from its power supply, CPU and video cooling, to its motherboard. This versatile model comes with a solid, powerful case, as well as with the ability to store up to 32 GB. It’s got a small footprint, creates zero noise, and seals out any dust.

Purchasing a PC is not an easy task, but the good news is that as long as you’re clear on what you want, you’ll surely have a much easier time with the entire process. As such, when you’re looking for a fanless PC, you’ve already narrowed the list of possibilities down by quite a bit. The above list is here to help you learn about some of the best options on the market. Discover the model that works best with your needs, and enjoy a silent operation of your brand new computer.

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