The Importance of Electronics Recycling and E-Waste

E-waste has become one of the biggest concerns of modern times since companies across the world dispose-off a huge quantity of electronic items every year. Hence, the exclusive growth of e-waste has become a major issue that needs to be tackled in an effective manner. According to the latest research, policymakers, consumers and Industries are placing greater emphasis over gaining attention to the issue.

Although there are a large number of consumers who are not aware of the actual process of recycling the old electronics in a safe manner, it is crucial to gain some knowledge and get to know more about all green solutions.

What is e-waste?

E-waste basically refers to the wastage of electronic devices when used and dumped due to lack of all green recycling knowledge. These devices include mobile phones, televisions, air conditioners and various dated computer equipment.

The end-of-life electronics recycling rate is still very inadequate

Reasons why all green electronics recycling is important

Below are the reasons that make electronics recycling important;

  • Toxic materialSince the old electronic items hold a huge amount of toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium, it is crucial to ensure that the items go under proper processing so that no toxic gases are released within the environment. Since environmental safety has become a major concern, authorities and organizations have been monitoring the disposable activities of the companies as is punishable by law. We at all green recycling are working for environmental safety via providing our exclusive solutions for recycling the e-waste.
  • Rich source of raw materialAll over the globe, only 10-15% of the gold can be recovered. It is a fact that the deposits of precious metals are contained by electronic waste which gives an estimate of being 40 to 50 times expensive and valuable than the ores present in the earth surface. As the resources do not regenerate, it should be kept in mind that all sort of modern devices should be recycled. Although some of the devices contain a small amount of gold when all green solutions are being utilized, you may end up with a pretty massive chunk of gold. According to, you can also donate your used electronics to local repair shops or trade schools for them to tinker with. Electronic devices also have a lot of expensive elements in them that can be recycled for the purpose of reuse.
  • International movement of Hazardous wasteIn some of the countries, international movements of e-waste are going uncontrollable as a result of cheap labor and ineffective strategies to the recycling of electronic waste. This has resulted in the risks of health to the local inhabitants of the countries. As the local residents are continuously exposed to the release of harmful toxic gases within the environment, this has been one of the greatest concerns.
  • Solid waste managementOver the years, solid e-waste has rapidly escalated as a result of a combination of the short product life cycle and the explosive growth with the electronics industry.

Electronics recycling is a global business that has seen a huge boom in the past few decades while continuing to grow in both the developing and developed countries. According to the surveyors, it is estimated that the volume and weight of the electronic equipment will double over the next fifteen years.

Recycling electronic products is an effective way of reutilizing the old resources. Furthermore, it is a cost-efficient and environment-friendly way of disposing of office and household appliances. At All Green Electronics Recycling, they recycle e-waste in an efficient manner. Feel free to get in touch with them if you wish to get rid of your old electronics.

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