The Era of the Smart Home: 4 Devices You Need

The world’s progressed over the past few years faster than it ever has. With technology progressing, society has also been forced to adopt new ways of living that include turning your standard home into a Smart Home. There doesn’t have to be an overall renovation, or for you to purchase multiple smart devices to install around the house. Even the essentials allow for your home to be categorized as a Smart Home.

We have listed down below, 4 Smart Home Devices that automate the essentials of every home across the States. And other than automation, smart home devices are designed to save energy and reduce its consumption – as a bonus homeowners can see a decline in their utility billing over time too! Not only are they accessible and controlled via smartphones and tablets, but some are also compatible with voice assistants – so wireless access and voice control, did you ever think that would be possible? It is now!

4 Essential Smart Home Devices

Smart Thermostat

Swapping out your old, standard thermostat with a Smart Thermostat will be the greatest gift to your home, and here’s why. Smart thermostats allow for you to have control wirelessly and remotely – via mobile apps that are downloadable onto our smartphones and tablets. That basically means you can control your smart thermostat from literally anywhere, out on the porch, from work, or another city altogether.

Smart thermostats automatically adjust themselves to eco-friendly modes while you’re away, and can keep temperatures at suitable levels preferred by the household without you having to adjust it yourself. This technology is supported by built-in motion sensor detection and with some models, location tracking too.

Gone are the days where you would have to walk over to the thermostat and adjust the temperature. And the most convenient aspect: if you forgot to shut the thermostat on your way out, simply switch it off from the app!

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting, just like smart thermostats and all other smart devices in general is controllable wirelessly and remotely through their own mobile application. With multiple smart lights, it is recommended to get a Hub to connect and control them altogether since each bulb can basically be controlled individually.

Each smart bulb connects to the home Wi-Fi network and with the respective mobile app, enjoy several features, including selecting from over hundreds of color shades, and multiple warm ones too – along with the option to dim and brighten the light as you please.

Smart Plug

Smart plugs may not seem essential but we’re here to tell you otherwise. You’re all aware of how power surges are the silent killers of our home electronics. The damage sometimes can easily rack up a bill in hundreds of dollars or even a complete replacement in some cases. Nonetheless, the point is power surges can prove to be quite expensive, but controlling their occurring is not in our control. This is where Smart Plugs come in handy.

Smart plugs allow you to control the device from your phone, so even if you’re away you can turn off the smart plug to protect your device from surge damage – or if you forgot to turn off the curling iron then that too! These devices are plugged into power outlets and then you plug your electronics in, that’s how they work.

Smart Sprinkler

Not something everybody would find useful, only those with yards and gardens of course, but Smart Sprinklers are brilliant devices. Granted that there are sprinkler systems out there that can be scheduled to come on at a certain time, but there’s much more to these smart ones.

Smart sprinklers can be controlled via mobile apps that can be downloaded onto our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Through the app, you can set schedules and other particular details for your sprinkler system. What the brilliant factor here is, is that the smart sprinkler hub connects to the home Wi-Fi network, which allows it to access nearby weather stations and forecasts in order to optimize your water consumption. For instance, if there are chances of rain, the sprinkler system will automatically adjust its schedule to not turn on on a specific day, to save water and to protect your yard as well.

Final Thoughts

One thing however you must be careful of is to make sure there is reliable Wi-Fi connectivity around in order for the smart devices to work on time and to their full potential. The problem of connectivity would hopefully improve once 5G tech rolls out for home Wi-Fi networks, but until then having good coverage is what matters.

So if you’re wondering where you can find these devices then head on over to First Energy Home’s website. With first energy power up your homes with any and all smart devices that suit your needs.

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